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Pacific Holistic - Reflexology, Reiki and occasional Dowsing - healing information - sent monthly. Including in what we offer: every Wednesday 10am - 8pm - Reiki Introductory Sessions for everyone - one hour sessions for $20. Appointments taken on the hour - just a quick call or email to save your space. New Moon Reiki exchanges/Shares. All practitioners receive and participate - manifesting, a guided meditation, Q & A.

root chakra

In this and my next newsletters, I’m going to focus on our smallest energy bits – our chakras – one at a time. We can help ourselves – never harm ourselves – by making sure our chakras are in prime form and working like little energizer bunnies giving us the valuable of their specific powers and attributes. The first one starts below.

Chakra One – Security And Safety
Starting at the very beginning.

Chakra One – Security And Safety

Chakra One – Security And Safety 

UPCLOSE: Help with TAILBONE and SELENIUM in a most delicious form - great for the holidays, too...

How’s  your tail bone? Many people have fallen on their tailbones over the years and have no poblems and some people wish their lower back and tailbones were happier, less tight, less cranky and less painful and more limber. Your tailbone - and sacrum and coccyx is also connected to your spleen, energetically. Your spleen is an integral part of your immune system and blood health. A happy tailbone is important.

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