Pacific Holistic - Reflexology, Reiki and occasional Dowsing

Pacific Holistic - Reflexology, Reiki and occasional Dowsing - healing information - sent monthly. Including in what we offer: every Wednesday 10am - 8pm - Reiki Introductory Sessions for everyone - one hour sessions for $20. Appointments taken on the hour - just a quick call or email to save your space. New Moon Reiki exchanges/Shares. All practitioners receive and participate - manifesting, a guided meditation, Q & A.

Quick reminder - Reiki Exchange - Tuesday evening 6:30pm - my place - Vancouver BC

Participate with other Reiki practitioners of diverse Reiki backgrounds.
Group treatments allows everyone to give and receive Reiki and allows an opportunity to increase your Reiki session experience; to meet Reiki like-minded friends; and to abandon any thoughts of being "rusty". 

Upcoming Reiki Exchange for Practitioners - this Tuesday, April 29 6:30pm; EFT group evening; Reiki Wednesday; Level One and Two Reiki Weekend Classes; Reflexology made fun for Everyone - Weekend Class

Hello Everyone - Happy Spring
next New Moon Reiki Exchange (for Reiki Practitioners only) - April 29, 6:30pm; details in at - FREE - starts at 6:30pm with a guided meditation in relationship to New Moon manifestation; Reiki healing turn for everyone; Q & A and snacks afterwards and some readings by Maria Bajric for those who wish to stay (runes, sticks, cards - she's amazing - by donation)

Upcoming Workshops - Reiki, Reflexology, Reiki Exchange, EFT Evening; 33% OFF on Reflexology Sessions, Alpha Lipoic Acid - LIFE SAVER; CERTIFICATION - what does that REALLY mean? EMFs and our Health

 Happy Spirited Spring!
1 Upcoming Workshops - Reiki, reflexology, Reiki exchange, EFT, 
3 Alpha Lipoic Acid - LIFE SAVER
4 CERTIFICATION - what does that REALLY mean?
5 EMFs and our Health

Upcoming Events / Classses; Special Offering 33% OFF Reflexology Sessions; Certification - What Does that Mean? Electromagnetic Frequencies and Their Damage - Bad EMFs

Happy Spirited Spring!
Reiki Level One Weekend Workshop - 16 hour Weekend Class - April 5, 6 - 10am to 6pm-ish - and details at

Upcoming Events: next Reiki Exchange, next EFT Evening, next Reflexology Class; Toxic Spring Plants and Pets; Gregg Braden on Prayers - create the feeling of the prayer

1. Calendar
2. Not a health food - Toxic Spring Plants and Pets
3. Learning REIKI Level ONE - 16 hour weekend class - thorough & fun -
4. Loving Reflexology
5. Gregg Braden video clip - THE FEELING IS THE PRAYER

Here’s what's on the Calendar:

*  next Intensive Reiki Level One Certification Weekend - April 5, 6; May 3, 4; May 30, June 1.


Health Problems Compounding - about the Science: Electromagnetic Fields - High-level Microwave Technology Concerns site by Andrew Michrowski, Ph.D, of The Planetary Association for Clean Energy at and is jammed full of great and useful information.

reflexology weekend

Hi Everyone,

2) EMF Buster Workshop - Protection
3) Toxic Spring Plants for Pets
4) next Reiki Exchange – April 1st
5) next Reiki class – this weekend, Sat/Sun March 31st / April 1st

Making EMF Busters for Your Home and Protection this July

Almost Happy Spring; Happy Emotional Health; Reiki Exchange Sunday, March 2; Reiki Level One, March 8, 9; Reiki Level Two, April 12, 13

1. note from Merrie
2. some date changes - Reiki Classes and Sunday Reiki Exchange
3. articles: Health Canada’s got some serious hidden agendas!
How do we safeguard ourselves.


Next Reiki Exchange - setting our intentions for manifesting w the NEW MOON

Reiki Exchange for Practitioners.
This year we’ll be doing these the evenings of the New Moons (or afternoons if on a Sunday or holiday) at 6:30pm.
A few years ago, when I was in a particularly difficult period, I started paying closer attention to the lunar cycles and I found comfort in the marking of the New Moon, as if I had been given another, new opportunity.

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