Pacific Holistic - Reflexology, Reiki and occasional Dowsing

Pacific Holistic - Reflexology, Reiki and occasional Dowsing - healing information - sent monthly. Including in what we offer: every Wednesday 10am - 8pm - Reiki Introductory Sessions for everyone - one hour sessions for $20. Appointments taken on the hour - just a quick call or email to save your space. New Moon Reiki exchanges/Shares. All practitioners receive and participate - manifesting, a guided meditation, Q & A.

Sacral ChakraMorgellons, ChiLel ChiNeng, facial yoga

Lilou Mace has been producing the most delightful video interviews of metaphysical luminaries and thinkers outside of the box for the last four years or so - her collection is vast and one of her interviews is with Master Gu - who teaches ChiLel, ChiNeng. You'll enjoy! Such exuberance!


each Monday morning – get ready for the week ahead

each Monday morning - Jan. 16, 23, 30 - 8:30 am to 9:30 am - $12 -
Have you been tired lately?
Has your path seemed bumpy?
Or have you even hit a few potholes in the past year?
All it takes is for one of your wheels to be running a little flat or askew and the whole ride feels unbalanced and more difficult than it needs to be.

In this power-packed one hour Merrie Bakker will guide you through several active meditations to focus on your main chakras.

June 2016 newsletter

Trans Fats, Worst Oils to Avoid, Coccyx, Spleen, Sore Lower Back, IUDs, Leukemia, Reiki and Reflexology classes, Reiki Wednesdays, next Reiki Exchange

Q... How do I banish dark circles under eyes?
Many opinions and none have worked for anyone nor me: In TCM it is deemed unhappy kidneys; in Ayurvedic Health it may be liver; and so many other postualtions... Here's a possibility:

Events: upcoming classes and Reiki practitioner Exchange; 50% OFF for Ozone/Oxygen Detoxing till year end; 7 natural easy remedies for Swollen Feet; Bruce Lipton's HoneyMoon Effect and body atlas

A very Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays to All of YOU. Hope you get lots of relaxation and downtime and love and joy and great food, music, sleeping in and inspiration to lead you excitedly into the New Year.

If you need any last minute gifts: GIFT CERTIFCATES may be your answer – no fuss shopping. I can send you very attractive ones by email or hard-mail - any denomination - for Reflexology, Reiki, Live Blood Analysis, Ozone/Oxygen Therapy or Dowsing.


Have you ever wondered how people can claim to send distant healing energy? And really wondered how this can be done when all the healer has is a first name and initial and maybe a city somewhere close by or far away? Can these claims be real? Why not just send healing with just initials or no name at all?

Practitioners SHARING REIKI - this sunday - November 8th

Hello all - just a quick note - we'll be having our Reiki Exchange this Sunday - my place 3pm - hope you can make it.

Just give me a call for directions.
Merrie B


check your cereals for encrichmenst! a beautiful interactive body atlas; The HoneyMoon Effect by Bruce Lipton; upcoming Reflexology and Reiki classes; Glutathione - why and what to put into your shopping buggy

Well, this has been quite a summer! Now that it's about to end, we can be  excited about the approach of the fall season.
Personally, I'll be tweaking my health and stepping up to the plate and learning more about the latest in on-line publishing!


SEE YOURSELF UP CLOSE! Sore Jaw Joints, Tinnitus and TMJ

Sore jaw joints, Tinnitus and TMJ

Sore jaw joints and TMJ is said to be caused by overuse, incorrect bite, misalignment, poor dentistry and old age.

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