REIKI, REFLEXOLOGY and Hands-on-Healing Sessions at Pacific Holistic in Vancouver, BC

We offer Reiki, reflexology and EFT sessions with Merrie Bakker:

A..... REIKI

  • professional REIKI Healing Sessions - 75 minutes - described below and please check our latest discounts (such as 30% off if you subscribe to our newsletter)
  • DISTANCE Reiki Healing sessions - please see details below
  • Reiki Exchanges - for practitioners - next one is November 8 - see below for details - free

      (for Reiki Healing Energy Classes - all Levels - please click on the "classes" tab)



1 1/4 hour Healing Reflexology Sessions - described below

         Regular rates:
One 75 minute session: $80
Five 75 minute sessions - prepaid: $350

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One 75 minute session: $56
Five 75 minute sessions - prepaid: $245



regular 1 1/2 hour sessions
Regular rates:
One 75 minute session: $80
Five 75 minute sessions - prepaid: $350​
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A... Comprehensive REIKI Healing SESSIONS with Merrie Bakker

Do you have a health or wellness issue you’re trying to solve?
It can be anything from staying on top of pain or anxiety, to remaining grounded while being a challenged caregiver, or to wondering how you can make it through your next chemo sessions. Reiki takes you from take you limping along to true healing.

Reiki practice can help with a wide range of healing as it doesn’t treat the symptom or condition directly or in isolation. Reiki helps to rebalance you, so you can shift or raise your energy and allow self healing.

Clients typically report improvement from their first Reiki session, although more sessions may be useful to keep the improvements strong. Ocassionally there may be some very simple homework - homeplay - to take away.

The practitioner's hands transmit energy - several minutes at a time at certain key places around your head, shoulders, stomach, legs, knees and feet - you are fully clothed. Sometimes problem areas get lots of extra attention and are targeted - clearing, releasing or balancing. Your session may possibly include helping identify any emotional conflicts leading to a possible physical symptom, so you can have relief! 
Chakras are always cleared and recharged as an essential part of each session.
If a client wishes to work on specific issues or health problems, it's advisable to book several treatments. But first come by for one treatment to see if you like the experience.

You may feel any number of sensations when your body processes this healing energy - tingling, warmth, joy, sleepiness, stress release, insights, emotional release, reduction of pain and / or a sense of serenity and a feeling of deep relaxation. Maybe you'll discover some unresolved shocks or chronic issues - that may be timely to dis-solve! 
Your "inner physician" knows best what it needs and has an amazing innate sense of how to direct the new energy for its maximum use and to the most needed organs, chakras or tissues.

... a perfect way to spoil yourself.
We can start optimizing your health and well-being now. Email me at or phone or text me at 604-261-7742 to schedule an individual Reiki treatment.
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         Regular rates:
One 75 minute session: $80
Five 75 minute sessions - prepaid: $350

         Newsletter subscriber rates:
(Sign up for the bi-monthly newsletter and receive a 30% reduction.)
One 75 minute session: $56
Five 75 minute sessions - prepaid: $245


Please see details below for Reiki distance healing (30 minute sessions for 5 consecutive days) with two telephone consultations - $175 - we set a specific time that is best and discuss details - please call for what we require so we can do an excellent job.

Or you can call / text me at 604-261-7742 to make your appointment or ask any questions.
Payment can be by cheque, cash, e-transfer or credits card thru Paypal. (I'll send the link.)


A... REIKI Exchanges / Reiki Shares for Practitioners

Come and Participate with other Reiki Practitioners of diverse Reiki backgrounds and lineages.
Feeling a bit rusty? No worries! That's why we have Reiki Exchanges.
Group treatments allows everyone to give and receive Reiki and allows an opportunity to increase our Reiki session experience; to meet Reiki like-minded friends; and to abandon any thoughts of being "rusty".
When we gather we share insights with one another, deepen our practice and increase harmony. 
Is it time to brush up on what you already know from your previous Reiki classes? Then our REIKI Practitioner EXCHANGE / REIKI SHARE may be just right for you.

Our Reiki Shares / Exchanges are quarterly, informal and for practitioners including Level One students: the next one is Sunday, November 8 at 3pm - in Kerrisdale, Vancouver, BC
Starting with a short guided meditation, Reiki exchange and Q&A's afterwards.
Let us know you are coming and we'll give you specific directions.
Hope to see you!
(Feel free to bring a snack to share for after.)

A... REIKI - distance Reiki healing sessions

The logistics are straight forward:

1. Phone me, so we can talk and I can explain further 604-261-7742
2. If we proceed, then you can send me payment via e-Interac, PayPal or cheque, ($80 per hour - minimum 2 hours)
3. I will also need an up-to-date photo and some personal details
4. We will decide on 5 best times for you to receive diatance healing - 20 minutes - and you can be in a quiet receiving state – the best way for allowing the energy to flow...
5. Then we will go over the results by phone

Some thoughts and/or sensations may occur during your healing session. I scan your body to find areas of energetic imbalance that need to be dealt, as well as emotional issues that you think are important and I also work with the blockages at the core of your physical or emotional challenges or distresses.

I will have information to share afterwards, so the five session can end with a conversation – and this also ties up loose ends – even though the energy will be received whether there is any communication or not.

Skeptics often believe in prayer but not in Reiki. Prayer is done with mind, clear intention, love and positive feelings, in a non-local manner. Many studies have proven that prayer heals. AND more is better. AND that prayer adds longevity, vitality and uplifted spirits. Prayers are usually shorter but often done with as much concentrated energy and love as distant Reiki, sent by a Reiki Master – so the outcomes can only be as good or better.

There's lots more information on distance healing in the Reiki Section - 5th article down.
Enjoy the read.

Merrie Bakker

I was introduced to Reiki, Reflexology and Dowsing in the late 1990's. After exploring many methods of self-awareness training, taking a plethora of energy work, body/mind, alternative healing classes, I knew I had finally found, amongst these varied and often awesomely inspiring and wondrous modalities, the key elements that were integral to healing the way I wanted to integrate and present them.

RATES (except for the distant healing):
$80 - single 75 minute session
$350 - five 75 minute sessions - prepaid

Go to the classes page and see when you can learn Reiki in Vancouver

Merrie Bakker
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Normally, the sensation that reflexology creates is pleasant, relaxing and soothing. There may be the odd discomfort in some places, but this is fleeting and acts as an indication of congestion or imbalance and lets us know where to be more gentle and where to spend more time - there is no gain in pain. Nor is it pleasant for reflexology to be done so lightly that little sensation is created. (We aim to get it just right.)

  • Feeling a sense of well-being and relaxation;
  • Feeling an upsurge of energy, as your body adjusts.
  • Learning as much self help at each session as you feel like, to take home.
  • Your entire body, including your organs, muscles and chakras are reflected on your feet. I specifically focus on your whole spine and nervous system. I "thumb walk" and massage your feet and pamper your skin.
  • tired, plantar fasciitis, bunions, gout, neuropathy, bone spurs, arthritis, neuromas, tarsal tunnel syndrome, or just plain over worked?  "from Academy of Ancient Reflexology"

Take a look at this insightful article on Reflexology for runners (and this goes for all athletes!) Reflexology for Runner - Aiding Recovery

If you’ve never tried a foot reflexology session, you must. This is the perfect way to spoil yourself.


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One 75 minute session: $$56
Five 75 minute sessions - prepaid: $245 ($49 each)

Regular rates: 
One 75 minute session: $80
Five 75 minute sessions - prepaid: $350

Please call me at 604-261-7742 to make your appointment or email me at Payment can be by cheque, cash or credit cards thru Paypal. (I'll send the link.)

Would you like to learn reflexology properly? Or is it time to brush up on what you already know from classes in the past? Click on and take a look.

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Treat yourself to a Reflexology session if....

  • you juggle time, commitments and a hectic schedule
  • your lifestyle never affords you time to sit back, reflect and recharge
  • tiredness leaves it’s mark and recouping from small health setbacks take longer
  • you wake up in the middle of the night, worrying
  • you hope that previous health issues have totally healed and are not going to repeat themselves
  • you know or feel that continuous stress will take it’s toll
  • you are challenged with stress and health issues and want to be proactive

When clients come to me with complaints, my approach is always holistic. The physical, mental, emotional and even sometimes the spiritual are all intimately intertwined - it’s impossible to separate them from each other.

Sustainable homeostasis of your health is my objective. In Reflexology, as with the other holistic and energetic healing modalities that we practice, the healer is the client, not the practitioner.

The intention, skill and caring of the practitioner is key and the clients’ own natural energies do the healing. You already have the resources within you that are needed to restore your health; your body just needs to be able to draw upon these for rebalancing with particular stimulation.

  • Reflexology can help you alleviate symptoms of many health issues
  • Reflexology can rebalance your energies and help your "inner physician"
  • Reflexology can lead to stress relief and emotional release
  • Reflexology complements all other types of therapies ~ allopathic and alternative

Ever wondered if you can learn Reflexology? How long would it take? Would you like to be able to give stress relief to yourself, friends and loved ones? Click on CLASSES and take a look - it might be just the course for you!
Introductory classes offered four times per year.

regular RATES for sessions:
$80 single session - 75 minute sessions
$350 - five 75 minutes sessions - prepaid package
Go to the classes page and see when you can learn Reflexology in Vancouver

Merrie Bakker

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C... Emotional Freedom Technique - EFT

* private sessions - 1 1/2 hour - $80
* group benefits evenings - first Thursday evening of each month - starts at 6:30pm - bring an open heart, an open mind and a REAL problem - please call for details and to see if this is right for you. $35. 

WE'LL DISCOVER SOME UNDERLYING UNRESOLVED SHOCKS / CHRONIC ISSUES that may be time to dis-solve and allow for better health and healing. More on this work with the founder Gary Craig

Merrie Bakker
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