Reflexology Basic 2 1/2 day Certification Class

10/16/2020 18:30
10/18/2020 18:00

Reflexology Basic 2 1/2 day Certification Class - Create Toe-tally Happy Feet for Clients, Friends and Loved Ones

This empowering thorough 20 plus hour basic REFLEXOLOGY class spread over the 3 day long weekend, is very comprehensive and encompasses everything you need to know to give your clients, family and friends a serious healing session. (There may be some people who wish to work with a reflexology buddy - 10% discount for each of you, if you bring a friend or mate.)

October 16 (eve), 17, 18 (Friday eve, Saturday, Sunday) in Kerrisdale, Vancouver, BC. 10am - 6pm
Water, snacks and fruit provided.

Learn ALL the BASICS and take home a very comprehensive manual so that you'll always have information to refer to - at your fingertips.
Start with this thorough course and know you have something valuable in your healing tool-kit to work with.
Everyone receives lots of personal attention and the class is limited to 4 participants. You will feel empowered to do a good job.
Wouldn't you want to have these delicious skills and enjoy learning ths wonderful and healthful modality? 

Reflexology can help eliminate the many causes and symptoms of poor health:

  •  reduces pain / reduces stiffness
  •  promotes energy rebalancing
  •  provides relaxation of the muscles and reduces tension
  •  improves circulation and lymphatic drainage
  •  stimulates the immune system
  •  improves the body's innate ability to do its own natural healing

Your feet reflect your whole body. This energizing work passes energy to the organs, meridians and the entire nervous system.

Please call / text Merrie Bakker at 604-261-7742 or email at

A $50 deposit holds your space. The deposit fee is non-refundable, but may be applied to another course within twelve months in case of cancellation. 

Return privileges are available to students who have taken the course previously and who wish to repeat it - for these folks is half price.

Your family, friends and clients will be very happy you took this course!

Merrie Bakker, Reiki Master Teacher; Healer, Reflexologist & Dowser, Vancouver, BC

I have spent the last 23 years learning and teaching many forms of Energy Medicine and preventative health. In addition to teaching Reiki, Dowsing and Reflexology classes, I practice nutritional microscopy / live blood analysis and offer ozone / oxygen therapies.

Merrie Bakker

I was introduced to Reiki, Reflexology and Dowsing in the late 1990's. After exploring many methods of self-awareness training, taking a plethora of energy work, body/mind, alternative healing classes, I knew I had finally found, amongst these varied and often awesomely inspiring and wondrous modalities, the key elements that were integral to healing the way I wanted to integrate and present them.

Reiki, Reflexology and Dowsing were also the tools I could use to take responsibility for my own health. I saw Reiki, Reflexology and Dowsing as giving us all tangible tools, effective on all levels ~ environmentally, physically, emotionally and even spiritually. When the various forms of Reiki, Reflexology and Dowsing that I had studied and used had became as comfortable as an old sock, I wanted to pass them on to others to use and so I began teaching.