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Lilou Mace has been producing the most delightful video interviews of metaphysical luminaries and thinkers outside of the box for the last four years or so - her collection is vast and one of her interviews is with Master Gu - who teaches ChiLel, ChiNeng. You'll enjoy! Such exuberance!

Morgellons Disease has been moved to the sidelines of our attention due to the overwhelming occurence of Lyme Disease. Mainstream medicine finally thinks that there may be soemthing to Lyme disease... maybe... it’s in your head, my cients have been told... The medical people that so many count on have yet to come up with a decent pathological explanation or test - mind you, all they have to do is copy the ones used by Naturopaths, but that would be too easy! You can see I’m kind of angry here. See the movie at

Morgellons is in that same boat that Lyme Disease was in, a few decades ago. Scientists and lay people, not members of the medical community, are begining to get answers to questions outside of the box. In ten years there may be an understanding that people with this condition are not nuts and need help not hindrance - and now.
Here is the official version: (enough to make you see red)
"This comprehensive study of an unexplained apparent dermopathy demonstrated no infectious cause and no evidence of an environmental link. There was no  indication that it would be helpful to perform additional testing for infectious diseases as a potential cause. Future efforts should focus on helping patients reduce their symptoms through careful attention to treatment of co-existing medical, including psychiatric conditions, that might be contributing to their symptoms.

Root Chakra at -
This newsletter looks at the second Sacral Chakra. Chakras have a relationaship to nearby organs that they energize and therefore influence. For the second Chakra, it’s about your centre of personal power and innate creativity and to some degree all of this in regard to your finances and sexuality - in the sense of how you organize and create your life - right down to the deepest thoughts and “gut feelings and beliefs”. (Issues of pure physical survival are more in the doman of the first Chakra.)
As all our parts and pieces are inter-connected. You cannot energetically touch ourselves on one level without affecting other levels, too. Now, with this in mind, let’s work on our chakras and it’s best to start at the bottom – literally. So go to the previous email first if you have the time and then move on to this second, Sacral Chakra..

The area a few inches or so above the base of the spine, above the Root Chakra, about an inch in front of the spine, at the same level/height as the ovaries, is the place of our 2nd Chakra… think of all the energy that is there, the special nerve bundles on either side of this area. Now visualize yourself gently pulling the energy from these nerve bundles into the cenre. And this small, central, weight-less energy-rich area can be seen as pulled into a small ball, the size of a no-weight ping pong ball. It resonates to the color orange (and if you don’t like orange then think of a peachy orange colour for your small weightless ball) and the musical tone of D.

You can do a few practical things to energize this specific Chakra: wear orange underwear, orange t-shirts and socks and if you have any other orange clothes that would be great. Orange flowers - marigolds and orange lilies - in your planters and pots and beautiful orange flowers on your dining room table and by your bedside... just a suggestion; eat orange foods such as peaches, oranges, mandarins, orange bell peppers, carrots - they all have the vibration we are looking for and will help things along. Be creative! 
And you can do the following energy exercise… and if you know Reiki then you can do this exercise AND run Reiki at the same time!

Simply relax as much as you know how; lie comfortably in bed; or sit straight up on a meditation pillow - as you wish - and close your eyes; stop the mind chatter and place your attention on the area near the bottom of your spine, and an inch in front of it, at the level of the ovaries - just as described above. Visualize that you have pulled the energy of that area together into a small “light as a feather” ball of energy that has an orange-ish colour – the colour that comes up is the colour that you are seeing and working with. Just gently suggest the colour into the ball of energy if you cannot see a colour there, or a color that is not what you want.
When the little ball is nice, round and orange and stable and comfortable, then visualize that you have very long etheric fingers and take one of your hands with these long pretend fingers and gently, in your mind, from a bird’s eye point of view looking down over it, give the energy ball, your 2nd Chakra, a few quarter turns to the left – counterclockwise, until this becomes easy. So, now that you are moving this energy slowly and gently to the left, then see your other hand (also having these long helpful fingers) and with both hands gently spin this orange chakra energy ball to the left – like one would spin a little top - gently.
Let the chakra spin and with your imagining eye, make sure that there isn’t too much wobbling and that it all comes along gently. If there is, then gently correct and start again.
Then stop the spinning to the left and with your mind’s eye, see if the colour is still right to you and with your very long etheric fingers now give your chakra a few turns to the right, from a bird’s eye point of view, again. And when that goes well, give your 2nd chakra a spin to the right with your etheric long fingers of both your hands. And check to see that the spinning chakra stays in place and doesn't wobble. This is not always easy but becomes easier with each time.

If you also know Reiki, then run the Reiki energy and if you have Level Two Reiki, then activate the Power symbol in both of your hands. Rest your hands on your abdomen, and beam the energy through to the this Sacral Chakra.

So, this is comfortable enough to allow us to drift off to sleep. You may awaken more grounded, relaxed and happy. Fear of loss of control or of being controlled through events such as betrayal, addiction, rape, impotence, financial losses, abandonment by loved ones, or people you are close to (esp. kidneys), loss of being able to rebel, or confusion around personal identity, guilt, ethics, honor in important relationships, may become easier issues to deal with and can be brought into focus more clearly. Or it may be more complex. But this is the centre in your body where the energetic centre of your personal sacred truth lies.
These questions might be of interest to ponder:
Do you sometimes direct your creative energy into negative ways of expression?
Do you exaggerate or embellish quasi facts to push your point of view?
Are you comfortable with your sexuality?

Are you sexually manipulative?
Do you honor your own sexual boundaries?
And do you have sexual integrity?
Is your word your honour?
Do you have a code of ethics or do you prefer circumstanial ethics?   
Does the Divine represent a force that exerts justice and love in your life?
Are you controlling?
Do you use power plays?
Are you able to see your role in circumstances related to power and money?
Does money exert authority over you?
Do you make compromises that puts your integrity at risk for the sake of financial security?
How often does a fear of survival push your choices and attitude around?

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