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Hello friends, clients and colleagues. It's almost spring! So exciting - first little snow drops are out!

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The herbs plantain, calendula and/or cleavers made into teas are good for lymphatic drainage. Supporting the lymph network to work optimally to remove toxins 24 / 7 is always a good choice. Drink these herbs separately or mixed together as teas and/or add some mint for taste or an occasional piece of ginger root. Purchase these on-line or at your favorite Herbal Apothecary (in Vancouver I always go to Finlandia Herbal Apthocary and purchase them from the large glass jars).

Castor Oil Packs – we’ve all heard about it and rarely do it. It’s easy, effective and inexpensive. It works for areas that have inflamed tissue (or liver, pancreas or areas where scar tissue may be pulling internally such as from C-sections or on arthritic joints and sticky fascia). Where you feel congested (such as lungs and chest) a castor oil pack is also in order. Areas that have ulcers (such as intestines, stomach and colon) will also benefit.
Here is the recipe: http://www.thehealingjournal.com/node/95.
You’ll need: a bottle of organic castor oil (from a quality Health Food Store - never use internally - inexpensive); a hot water bottle; a white plastic bag without advertising; an old towel; an old bed sheet; a piece of unbleached, unprinted wool or cotton flannel. If the latter is hard to find, just givge me a call - I have some extra. 
Do this often. (Some down-time with the phone off.) Do this with your partner and your bound to have a few laughs, too– it’s slippery and messy! Enjoy!

A fine cream, "Lymphdiaral" by Pascoe is a homeopathic lymph drainage cream that can be applied to compromised lymphatic areas and lymph nodes to gently, homeopathically, allow toxins to re-move. This is sold at better Health shops. Lymph is throughout your body and has some areas where it is more concentrated: in the groin area, under armpits, an inch or two below the belly-button, down the from of the chest – sternum and along the outer sides of the neck and along the jawbone.

Gentle, soothing deep cleansing Ozone/Oxygen Detoxifying Steam Saunas  – heavenly - relaxing - detoxifying - rejuvenating - loose a few calories as well as toxins – http://www.pacificholistic.com/oxygen.

Even clearing certain negative thoughts can help you clear your lymph – specifically thoughts that are of a self devaluation type  – a lot of negative self-chatter, self-put-downs, fears of confrontation - that relate to a loss of self-esteem or self-worth – as they have an effect on your lymph. (So this is not stressful thoughts in general – that doesn’t get you anywhere). So catch yourself and in your quiet moments take a private and loving look at what that might be about and how you can re-cast this into a less damaging set of feelings – not in your head but deep down. Can you morph the negative self-devaluation into a positive or at least into something that is resolved, or has no energy on it.
How about a raft of sticky notes on your bathroom mirror to constantly remind you of your great worth? ...only half joking here... think this is plausible? Journalling? Or even better yet, TAPPING - EFT. We have a Shared Benefits TAPPING evening every first Thursday of the month. I go over the basics so you'll be able to continue at home like an expert! Next evening is March 5th.
Check out Emotional Freedom Techiques - aka TAPPING - by the founder Gary Craig at http://www.emofree.com.

Bags under the eyes? Relief – a few minutes a day – step by step - no rocket science - http://www.faceliftaunaturel.com/eyes.lift.html (demos at bottom of page)


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