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1. It’s Never Enough: Artificial Sweeteners Create An Artificial Need For More and a yummy healthy sweet snack

2. How Ozone/Oxygen therapy was sabotaged in Sierra Leone while successfully combatting the SARS coronavirus.

3. we’re giving bats and snakes a bad name… the coronavirus is an international traveller – made all over the globe, stolen and bought from a  Winnipeg lab?  (and elsewhere) and worked on in Wuhan (near the market with the poor bats and snakes are sold) - a group of non-mainstream articles that make a lot of sense and show what’s going on behind the scenes...

4. time for your LBA review?

5. final days for 50% OFF OZONE DETOX SESSIONS! get the year started right!

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1. It’s Never Enough: Artificial Sweeteners Create An Artificial Need For More Artificial Sweeteners  - good for business but not good for you...

Do you have a sweet tooth?
Do you crave sweet things to nibble on?
Do you satisfy your desire for sweets using natural foods or processed foods? Don't forget that sweetness is Did you know that artificial sweeteners create an ever greater Artificial Need For More?
Did you know that foods with artificial sweeteners always are accompanied by fillers, stabilizers and other laboratory chemicals that are utterly unnatural and unsafe and unbeneficial in spite of advertising campaigns claiming the opposite to protect a multi-billion a year industry - take a look at the salient details of this government approved monster
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Here is my 2020 Healthy Snack ...yummmmmmmmm
dates, figs, chopped almonds, chopped hazelnuts, coconut bits, raisins, chopped pecans, almond flour.

I put a bit of water in a pot, add the chopped dried figs, raisins and dates and let them simmer for about 5 minutes till it's all soft. Add everything into the blender and pulse (if too runny, add a bit more almond flour). I then roll mine in 1/8 cup size balls and roll in the Almond Flour - sometimes with a tad of fine coconut, too. Occasionally I add carob nibs or powder. Great for energy and for the natural sweet tooth. (When you are out of dates, there are always apricots).


Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Robert Rowen about Ozone Therapy and the massive heart-breaking EBOLA Outbreak in Sierra Leone.

This is the unabbreviated interview just before Dr. Rowen goes to Sierra Leone and on the invitation of the Sierra Leone government.
"Many have asked for a concise summary of the wonderful physiological effects of ozone therapy, especially considering the medical mission I undertook with Dr. Howard Robins of Manhattan to Sierra Leone to help cure Ebola. I will endeavour on this page to tell you why I instigated the trip and commandeered Dr. Robins to come with me. Please know that this information is merely informative. It is not to make a claim that ozone or any particular therapy might cure any condition, but to discuss the known physiology of ozone therapy, and how that physiology might apply to viruses.

"In October 2014, I traveled to Sierra Leone with my colleague Howard Robins to train local health professionals to treat Ebola with ozone therapy. Training went great. We hit a snag. While at the Sierra Leone Ebola treatment center outside the capital, a call came in from the Ministry of Health halting the ozone project. Patients were forbidden to receive ozone, and the staff as well. The staff did continue with our training fearing for their lives otherwise. Patients were denied and left to die.

"Ebola, as you know, is a coronavirus virus. It incubates for 2-21 or so and then roars to life to induce possible death. Ebola first tricks the immune system into thinking nothing is there ... ...

And then the proverbial horse patoo hits the fan – the very sad (if not despicably evil) details in the follow-up interview of Dr Rowen by Dr Mercola - never covered by the media: https://youtu.beouYaU7voBlc


There was a call for pandemic preparedness at the last Davos.
There was a pandemic dress rehearsal on January 21st called event 201 and a prior one in October 2019 – and both involved Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the John Hopkins Centre of Health Security. There have been other pandemic dress-rehearsals based on bio-warfare in the past few years and one included a simulation that consisted of 65 million deaths over 18 months (half of  previous simulation), and a list of recommendations as to how to control the population and the outbreak which is about finalized and has been worked on for 20 years. The former foundation owns a patent for a deadly coronavirus and the latter research facility is working on a vaccine for it: and

The Pirbright Institute published an article on a 5.5 million Livestock Anti-Body Hub  Grant compliments of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation:

In the meantime a Chinese research husband and wife couple were working at Johns Hopkins and relocated to the NML Biosafety level 4 lab in Winnipeg, Canada. In mid summer last year (after being there for a couple of years) they were fired along with their team and an RCMP investigation was begun... They left Canada and went to work in the Wuhan Biosafety level 4 lab – across the way from the monkeys and bats at the public market.

In the last several years that Level 4 BioHazard Wuhan lab was sent the Ebola and Nipah virus for “study’ purposes by our government (Canada - and who knows which other country did the same...) ...

 Of course the RCMP are looking into this ... because it’s our tax dollar at work... but too little too late:

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