Chakra rebalancing and energizing Workshop

02/19/2022 10:00

Four hour CHAKRA rebalancing and energizing workshop. Here are some classic tools - useful for a lifetime.

Have you been tired and grumpy lately?
Has your path seemed bumpy?
Are you feeling un-grounded?
Or have you hit a few potholes in the past year? And would a quick energizing boost be most welcome? If you are teaching, you'll want to be in top energetic form; if you are coming out of isolation and out of healing from a challenge ypou'll want to power up.
This can be a well deserved leg-up on your overall energy levels.

All it takes is for one of your wheels to be running a little flat or askew and the whole ride feels unbalanced and more difficult than it needs to be. In this power-packed four hours I will gently guide you through several active meditations to focus on your main chakras - one exercise builds upon the other.
When one area of your energy is flagging and then gets "rejuvenated", it creates a positive ripple outward to the rest of your body, and even to your work, your thoughts and the people around you.

AND! ... old patterns that no longer serve you, pull over to make way for the new flow of energy you can then automatically create...
You will learn techniques to keep on using - from this class forward - be able to energize and even shift your energy at any time.  This can be beneficial in so many ways - be it during a casual conversation or even a business meeting.

In Kerrisdale, Vancouver