June 2016 newsletter

Trans Fats, Worst Oils to Avoid, Coccyx, Spleen, Sore Lower Back, IUDs, Leukemia, Reiki and Reflexology classes, Reiki Wednesdays, next Reiki Exchange

Q... How do I banish dark circles under eyes?
Many opinions and none have worked for anyone nor me: In TCM it is deemed unhappy kidneys; in Ayurvedic Health it may be liver; and so many other postualtions... Here's a possibility:
A simple, fast, non-toxic and FREE manner to improve your appearance. Watch this easy facial rejuvenation exercise to remove under eye bags, dark circles and wrinkles with acupressure.... worth trying for 10 days according to these folks - http://youtu.be/CKcthwadUNo
Learn more about Facial Rejuvenation Acupressure, and more exercises with Anne Cossé at http://www.faceliftaunaturel.com


3) more Bruce Lipton discussions
Dr Bruce Lipton,
the famous cellular biologist, who just keeps on passing on wisdom - easily comprehended and vitall to our health and basic outlooks on how things work - The Biology of Perception - put an hour aside; grab some organic popcorn and a glass of wine and have a fine evening http://youtu.be/WnmaiWWZ3fc
And even more - sort of the sequel in understanding to the lecture above - SO UPLIFTING: The Honeymoon Affect and 3 Tips For Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1BTatp7_AA and starts at the 3:40 minute mark.
The basics are covered in The Biology of Belief at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjj0xVM4x1I (... includes the description of the BIG JOKE - the Mapping Efforts of the Human Genome! at the 10 minute mark - and BL was pushing this mistake back in 2000!)


4) The New Food Order:
How Glyphosate, Herbicides & GMO’s Are Shaping Our Future - http://youtu.be/CjRNp38rB5I IT'S NOT THE GLUTEN! A brilliant thinker and someone who can explain the scientific details and pitfalls of what we are eating: Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., in a great interview.
(You may remember her from previous emails where I pointed to her great YouTube lectures on the damage inflicted by cholestrol meds and statins and exactly why)


How’s  your tail bone? Many people have fallen on their tailbones over the years and have no poblems and some people wish their lower back and tailbones were happier, less tight, less cranky and less painful and more limber. Your tailbone - and sacrum and coccyx is also connected to your spleen, energetically. Your spleen is an integral part of your immune system and blood health. A happy tailbone is important.

A great healer, Hanna Kroeger, who was famous for her Colorado Healing Retreat where she used her intuitive and dowsing skills, as well as her herbal knowledge, can be seen working on a tailbone to adjust and revitalize the coccyx and spleen (white blood cells). Watch this short clip of Hanna Kroeger working - very delightful - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRYX5D6ZlcA. Grab a buddy, watch it again together and give it a try - it needs some strength - Hanna Kroeger is a tough lady and makes it look easy - the results are worth it - do it often.

3. SELENIUM in a most delicious form - great for the holidays, too...

Now’s the season - and your opportunity - to get your selenium. Selenium is an essential trace mineral that is vital to good health and speeds healing. It helps your body make selenoproteins, a group of some 30 antioxidant enzymes, including four variants of the ultra important glutathione peroxidase. These help prevent cellular damage from free radicals (such as cell membranes and the membranes of your red blood cells, too) and perform many other care-giver chores.

Plant foods are the major dietary sources of selenium. But it can also can be found in some meats and seafood. The content of selenium in food -  plant or animal - depends on the selenium content of the soil where these plants are grown or animals are foraging (and if the animals are caged then it’s only as good as the feed or junk they are submitted to). But, all things are relative. If there is selenium in the ground, then some plants will pull them up through their roots into their cells. If there isn’t any in the ground, then we don’t get any from these foods - no  matter whose list they are on! As all the foods grown in green houses have their nutrients artifically added to their hydroponic fluids /  soils, we know we aren’t getting it there, either! (Those bell peppers will look gorgeous on the food shelves without selenium, too...) and they aren’t  adding this mineral because you or Merrie Bakker are sitting there kvetsching and hoping about the lack of it...

So, your strongest food source is Brazil nuts - they can contain anywhere from 0 (none in soil) to 550 micrograms per ounce (great soil). And when this mineral is eaten in organic form there is no toxic limit. Now is the season. All nuts are healthy - but Brazil nuts top the list by far to top up your selenium. Happy snacking.
Keep buying them all year - way better than those stinky selenium supplements and so mobile - just toss some into your purse, desk drawer or glove compartment - and always have them on hand


HELP! Pulling your hair out? Don't know what to eat anymore!
- go paleo or go home
- only raw vegans will save the world
- soy is a highly beneficial health food
- soy is not for human connsumption
- (for those over 60) margarine is good for you
- saturated fats are bad for you
- carbs are bad
- we all need carbs
- drink 8 glasses of water per day / don't drink it all as water...

Why do they sell junk food in hospitals and at the cancer clinic cafetaria - obviousy they know what there're doing - so I'll stick with what they serve.
Why do health magazines contradict each other so VERY much?

Passionate arguments and rhetoric on both sides of the 'factoid spectrum' abound.
Here's a 'one size fits all' answer.

Start with the assumption that all foods are useful. Also start with the assumption that all research is biased and that research now means something different than in the old days - it's now meaning "looking something up on the internet and picking what 'looks' right.

To make food choices less daunting, we can star by including all foods - and then start to edit and tweek and weed out the undesireables. 
Why not start by eliminating the worst offenders in each basic food section:

Carbs: all baked goods that have soy flour in them (mainly all cheap baked goods, pastas, breads, crackers, buns and bakery doo-dads) as soy flour is unfermented and definately not made for human consumption! Most baked goods have both wheat flour of some sort and SOY flour - we just didn't know! People often react to wheat but often the soy that accompanie sit (because it is cheaper) is the culprit and cause the huge amount of intolerance that exists at the moment. At Starbucks I still enjoy the oat bar. At Cobs Bread I'm most grateful for their croissants and healthy Cape Seed Bread. Terra Breads are my favorite - also at Choices markets and elsewhere about my city... so you see - lots of choice - no suffering - no conundrums!

Proteins: eat them all - accept avoid all non-organic meats and eggs, all farmed fish and obviously all soy - except fermented soy (such as natto, miso and tamari sauce). By the way, did you know that canned salmon is wild? It seems that farmed salmon turns to mush in the can!

Fats: avoid all nasty oils that have been tortured or never even saw a drop of oil to start with (margarine, sunflower, safflower, mazola, etc.)

Water: drink nothing that comes packaged in plastic. Don't store water in plastic during the day - always carry water around in glass or metal.
Look up the stats - most bottled water is of the same quality as Vancouver tap water. True fresh spring water is the best - and most of our springs have beem shut down.. esp sad and politically twisted was the closure of the very popular one in Surrey. Not all spring water is worthy - some have unwanted heavy metals.
Drinking amounts depends on so much on circumstances - weight and activity. A sedentary, petite, young lady eating lots of fruits and vegetables should drink less than half of the amount that a sweating, big brute of a construction worker would consume, esp if he goes for a few beers afterwards. 
- constipated - drink more and see if that helps
- feeling abandoned, disconnected and as a 'fish out of water' - drink less if you feel bloated til the problem resolves
- feeling excessively toxic - drink more...
Certainly that 8 glasses rule will one day be looked upon as ludicrous.

The above is easy to put into action.

Then you can pick out a few special targets - foods to avoid and others to add in - become your own specialist - tweek to taste.

Carbs: avoid all high fructose corn products - go on line and see all the different names used to bamboozle the consumer. Start becoming more familar with organic vegetables and purchase those that can make a big health difference due to mineral content. Replace raw spinach and kale in smoothies with raw parsley in smoothies (and cook the former in interesting ways - such as with lots of garlic and some butter). Make root vegetable chips in your own oven to replace commercial french fries).
Fermented foods - add these in - and better still - make them at home - simpler than explaining how to do this, is by watching 7 minutes of a Dr Mercola video that gets serious at the 11 minute mark - https://www.youtube.com/embed/05lVOmj1Pqg?feature=oembed.
Fermented vegetables add somewhat to our intestinal K2 requirements (inspite of Dr Mercoas exagerated clais on the video, as well as that it keeps the existing gut flora happy and propagating!
Treats for our hardworking flora!
Take a look here: Brilliant! Jeroen Raes is a bionaut, he researches the human microbiome - https://youtu.be/Af5qUxl1ktI.

Proteins: avoid shrimp from Asian countries (grown in human excrement); no bacon; make your own yoghurt. Focus on eating at least some gouda and brie cheeses - these are extremely helpful foods for providing the K2 that our gut needs to keep the bacteria in our bodies happy and keen. (K1 is related to blood coagulation).
Include lots of yoghurts and nuts for variety and creativity.

Fats: avoid cheap peanut butter (the peanut oil is replaced with cottonseed oil and not specificed on the labels);
assume you will never know how pure your olive oil is no matter what the price... but it is still better to make your own salad dressings and mayo than store bought as the former is full of MSG and unpronouncible items and chemicals for colour, flavour, stabilizers and preserving chemicals.
Start your blender with an egg yolk, some proper salt, real lemon juice and a clove of garlic and let it whirl for 30 seconds and then verrrrry slowly dribble in a few drops of olive oil, then a bit more and then a tiny stream till you have poured about 3/4 cups of the oil of choice and things start to thick and the motor slows down (try fresh flax oil or substitute with some other healthy combinations). Then, for fun, you can add a handful of parsley, just as things start to thicken. In any case - this is so-oooo healthy - a dip, a salad dressing a base for other kinds of sauces for fish or vegetables - all things possible.

Water: buy a portable Berkefeld water filter for on the kitchen counter  and through out the dinky little filter gizmos that became popular in the late '90s.

Our physical world of food/diet/nutrition has become needlessly complicated.
The moral dilemas of nutrition are complicated, too. It's not honest enough to say that there is enough protein in vegetables to make us very healthy (... and a little smug at times) because people might atually believe this type of conjured up and self-serving advice. Our bodies' healing and repair needs protein. Enzymes, hormones and even K2 are proteins - I want mine to be the best! And I don't want my body to have to struggle to put it all together in the face of possibly more important jobs it has to do! Why create dillemas?
Take spinach, for example, the poster child of the 'vegetables have enough proteins' argument. One cup of packed raw spinach contains 9 grams of protein and so it is believed that all you have to do is eat or juice 5 pounds of vegetables a day to get by... That simple logic may sell product and fans and customer loyality, but...
The proteins in most vegetables and fruits are far from complete - the essential aminos acids in most vegetable are just a few, or limited or in trace amounts. And a food, or a meal, is only as valuable and as protein-potent as the smallest amount of the available essential amino acids.
The many more non-essential amino acids will find their own way to get together and work hard... those we can ignore.
It would actually take 25 pounds of vegetables per day if we really wanted to do it right; or 18 cups of coconut meat per day; or 7 cups of sprounted lentils PLUS enough foods to make up for the complete lack of tryptophan. Or one and one half cups of soaked almond AND more foods high in methionine and tryptophan to make up the almonds' lack therefo!
Millions of dollars have been made by gurus of the vegan world but follow the money before you follow the advice!
The renowned vegetarian - the health ranger of NaturalNews.com - Mike Adams - has come forward, of late, about his dual take on all things vegetarian - and good for him - he raises animals in Texas - cute little video at - http://www.healthranger.com/Baby-Geese-Run-Exercise.html.

Bon Appetit.

the famous cellular biologist, Dr Bruce Lipton, who just keeps on passing on wisdom - easily comprehended - The Biology of Perception - put an hour aside; grab some organic popcorn and a glass of wine and have a fine evening http://youtu.be/WnmaiWWZ3fc
ARE YOU A 'LAPSED' REIKI PRACTITIONER? Come and Participate with other Reiki Practitioners of diverse Reiki backgrounds.
Feeling a bit rusty? No worries! That's why we have Reiki Exchanges.
Group treatments allows everyone to give and receive Reiki and allows an opportunity to increase your Reiki session experience; to meet Reiki like-minded friends; and to abandon any thoughts of being "rusty".
When we gather we share insights with one another, deepen our practice and increase harmony.
Next one: Wednesday evening, November 26th - 6:30pm
We start with a guided meditation promptly at 6:30pm and we end more or less at 9pm-ish.
Every practitioner receives their turn of a GROUP hands-on treatment and the exchange ends with sharing, discussion, snacks.. and Q & A. All you need is to have taken Level One Reiki from myself or a reputable Reiki Master.
Hope to see you! Fell free to bring a snack to share.
A quick phone call guarantees your space and directions - 604-261-7742 or an email: info@reflexologyreiki.com
More at: http://www.reflexologyreiki.com/sessions

Reiki Level Two Weekend Workshop - 16 hour Weekend Class - November 15, 16 - 10am to 6pm-ish - both days and more details at http://www.reflexologyreiki.com/classes. Especially good for 'lapsed' practitioners - come and review what you learned in the past and move forward and take Level Two and become EALLY proficient!
Reiki Level One Weekend Workshop - 16 hour Weekend Class - November 29, 30 - 10am to 6pm-ish - both days - and more details at http://www.reflexologyreiki.com/classes. A serious class - where we take baby steps and move from simple feeling exercises to being able to pass energy on with abandon. No fake-it-till-you-make it here!
Group Benefits - Evening Tapping - EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques - December 4th - 6:30pm - Vancouver BC - Everyone Welcome! Bring a Problem! Give me a call and see if this is right for you.
Live Blood Analysis at http://www.pacificholistic.com
Ozone / oxygen therapy at http://www.pacificholistic.com/oxygen
Reflexology and Reiki at http://www.reflexologyreiki.com
Merrie Bakker, 604-261-7742, info@reflexologyreiki.com and info@pacificholistic.com

Next week I’ll write about the second chakra, as promised.

This email is full of bits and pieces as a lot of health issues have come to the fore with clients and some are worth sharing.
The workshops coming up are:
1. Reiki Level One Certification Class - this coming weekend of February 2nd and 3rd - 10am to 6pm both days (I‘ve included an outline at the end of this email - very worthwhile).
This class will also be offered on March 2, 3.
2. Reflexology - One Day Class - For Everyone - March 9th - 9:30am - 6pm. (description below)
3. On March 10th is our quarterly Reiki Practitioner Exchange - 2pm to 6pm; followed by a really, really healthy pizza (please bring a snack to share, if you are staying for dinner after the Reiki Share). A bit about reiki Exchanges at the end of this email.


These are sessions you may be able to benefit from:
Reiki Wednesdays - each 9am to 8pm - one hour sessions (described at the end of this email)


And now the Bits and Pieces
Several clients lately had just been talked into having IUD’s or were contemplating them. I certainly don’t know a 100% foolproof method of birthcontrol. The body temperature method (rhythm) is the only one I know as not harmful but not perfect. (Abstinence is inhumane...)
Here’s a Live Blood Analysis colleague of mine (quite a character!) with his view on IUDs and it mirrors mine: http://youtu.be/OnFBhybuwHE


... and just for the vain amongst us: a face-firming mask
Many natural ingredients are able to firm our skin and also constrict blood vessels just a bit, which results in a "lifted" appearance. It’s temporary, but a natural mask can give you a nice boost.

Here's my home version of NOT getting Botoxed:
A facial consisting of these things you mix up:
juice of one lemon
one egg white
four tablespoons of powdered milk (never drink the stuff – just for your face)
1 tablespoon of witch hazel. (on hand if you are a reflexologist and can be purchased in small bottles for under $8 at drug stores

Apply and relax and do some Reiki, or absolutely nothing, for 15 minutes, rinse

And if you really want to ramp up your beauty treatment naturally with facial gym, then this is the way: a most pleasant experience - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hh7dBkF-0NY

Dr Joseph Mercola puts out a fine newsletter. In spite of claims he makes that everything in his mind contributes to cancer, short of sneezing, I hold his insights in high regard. He has just sent out an article on hydrogenation and it is worth reading – easy and non-technical (and the included slide show may not work on a cell phone) - so we will not be snookered in the future by “tastes like butter” and all those other fake margarines by other names and trans fats info lies - http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2013/01/27/soybean-oil.aspx?e_cid=20130127_SNL_Art_1&utm_source=snl&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20130127

And most exciting!

I just got another email request for the short but important clip of Hanna Kroeger’s spleen/coccyx/lower back adjustment and here it is again: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRYX5D6ZlcA.
A more expanded version of Hanna’s Method for the spleen and coccyx connection by an osteopath from Toronto who also studied with her, is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hh7dBkF-0NY and a continuation of thi spiece at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62UkRmog8f4
(David Slater talks about arsenic, nickel, lead and mercury in the muscles and how this is related to unhappy tailbones in some cases)
The diet Hanna Kroeger refers to in the video is similar to the Moerman Diet (offered in hospitals in The Netherlands when you have cancer... Can you see that at VGH?)
The Moerman diet is mainly eggs and juice which removes toxins in the stomach and helps revitalize the bone marrow.

Merrie Bakker - in Vancouver, BC, 604-261-7742, info@reflexologyreiki.com, http://www.reflexologyreiki.com


1. REIKI - 16 hour weekend class - Level One; Saturday and Sunday 10am - 6pm both days. $200 plus tax. Please give Merrie Bakker a call - 604-261-7742 or email - info@reflexologyreiki.com and see if this thorough and Intensive Reiki class is right for you.

    * how to feel energy
    * several methods of channelling energy
    * protection, grounding, centering, entrainment
    * guided meditations
    * powerful energy work with the chakras
    * useful elements from other modalities
    * energy exercises
    * the history of Reiki
    * the uses for Reiki
    * Reiki principles
    * Reiki hand positions
    * treating oneself
    * treating others
    * group reiki treatments
    * Level I Reiki attunements
    * manual & Reiki I certificate
    * Reiki Shares / Exchanges

Merrie Bakker - in Vancouver, BC, 604-261-7742, info@reflexologyreiki.com, http://www.reflexologyreiki.com


2. Create Toetally Happy Feet for Friends, Family & Loved Ones

This empowering full day Basic REFLEXOLOGY class is comprehensive and encompasses everything you need to know to give a yor family, friends and loved ones a serious session. There may be some people who wish to work with a reflexology buddy - 10% discount for each of you, if you bring a friend or mate.)
Do give Merrie Bakker a call to see if this class has benefits for you - 604-261-7742.

Learn ALL the BASICS and take home a very comprehensive manual so that you'll always have information to refer to.
Whatever your vision for your future may be, start with this thorough course, and know you have something valuable in your tool kit to work with.

Everyone receives lots of personal attention and the class is limited to 4 participants. You will feel empowered to do a good job.
Reflexology can help eliminate the many causes and symptoms of poor health:

  •  reduces pain / reduces stiffness
  •  promotes energy rebalancing
  •  provides relaxation of the muscles and reduces tension
  •  improves circulation and lymphatic drainage
  •  stimulates the immune system
  •  improves the body's innate ability to do its own natural healing

The feet reflect the whole body. This energizing work passes energy to the organs and the entire nervous system. This is really fun to learn.

Please call Merrie Bakker at 604-261-7742 or email at info@reflexologyreiki.com and see if this is a good fit for you to learn.


3. Pacific Holistic REIKI Exchange for PRACTITIONERS takes place from time to time in Kerrisdale, Vancouver, BC.
Here you participate with other Reiki practitioners of diverse backgrounds. Group table treatments in this supervised setting allows you to give and receive Reiki and gives you an opportunity to increase your Reiki session experience, to make Reiki like-minded friends and to abandon any thoughts of being "rusty".

The exchange starts with a guided meditation and a mini class, promptly at 3:00pm and ends more or less at 6pm. Every practitioner receives a treatment and the exchange ends with sharing, discussion and Q and A.
Then you can stay for a lovely group dinner, if you wish.
All you need is to have taken Level One Reiki from myself or a reputable Reiki Master. And if you are staying for dinner, please bring a nutritious salad or dessert along with you to the share.

A quick phone call guarantees your space - 604-261-7742 or an email: info@reflexologyreiki.com. You will receive a call back or email with exact location and directions.

Do give Reiki a try.

Please call Merrie Bakker at 604-261-7742 or email at info@reflexologyreiki.com and see if this is a good fit for you to learn.

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Jokes  about German sausage are the wurst.

A soldier who survived mustard gas pepper spray is now a seasoned veteran.

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I stayed up all night to see where the sun went. Then it dawned on me.

This girl said she recognized me from the vegetarian club, but I'd never met herbivore.

I'm reading a book about anti-gravity. I can't put it down.

I did a theatrical performance about puns. It was a play on words.

A dyslexic man walks into a bra.

PMS jokes aren't funny, period.

Why were the Indians here first? They had reservations.

Energizer bunny arrested. Charged with  battery.

I didn't like my beard at first. Then it grew on me.

How do you make holy water? Boil the hell out of it!

Did you hear about the cross eyed teacher who lost her job because she couldn't control her  pupils?

When you get a bladder infection, urine trouble.

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What do you call a dinosaur with a extensive vocabulary? A thesaurus.

England has no kidney bank, but it does have a Liverpool .

I used to be a banker, but then I lost interest.

I dropped out of communism class because of lousy Marx.

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Cartoonist found dead in home. Details are sketchy.

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