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A very Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays to All of YOU. Hope you get lots of relaxation and downtime and love and joy and great food, music, sleeping in and inspiration to lead you excitedly into the New Year.

If you need any last minute gifts: GIFT CERTIFCATES may be your answer – no fuss shopping. I can send you very attractive ones by email or hard-mail - any denomination - for Reflexology, Reiki, Live Blood Analysis, Ozone/Oxygen Therapy or Dowsing.

a) upcoming events healing workshops / classes
b) a steal! Just till the end of December - ALL Ozone/Oxygen sessions - $35 - half price
c) Seven Simple Natural Remedies for Swollen Feet
d) Bruce Lipton's The HoneyMoon Effect.
e) a beautiful interactive body atlas


upcoming Reiki and Reflexology weekend classes in Vancouver:
* Reiki Level One Weekend - January 2, 3 -
* Reiki Level Two Weekend - January 9, 10 -
* Reflexology Weekend Workshop - Basic Class - January 16, 17 -
* Reiki Practitioner Exchange - January 10 - 3pm;
* Dowsing - one day intro class - January 24th -
Please call me for details, 604-261-7742 or email me at for availability and more details.
b) Ozone/Oxygen therapy - 50% reduced rates – just till the end of the year.
SEE YOURSELF UP CLOSE! A little cleaner and leaner!
The best time is when you’re feeling sluggish and it’s not due to lack of nutrients or sleep! A lot has been written about detoxing and a lot of products and mis-information has been circulated – but it can be simple, effective, inexpensive and cheaper than getting your teeth whitened or a day's ski pass.  When our inches, weight and tiredness increases and we cannot figure it out because we haven’t been “pigs at the trough” or pulled up to the buffet table once too often, then let's take a look at what those extra inches are made of: water retention? sluggish lymphatics? or fat cells holding toxins at bay?
Reduce these so your detoxification can be spot on - and eliminate frustration and false starts. One focussed and effective way is with ozone / oxygen sessions. Detoxifying Oxygen Steam Sauna - the gentle escape route for your toxins
relaxing / detoxing / healing / re-oxygenating / slimming / a 30 minute private session with (medical grade ozone) & gentle steam followed by a cool-down shower
YEAR END Special rates good till the end of December 2015.
One session - a mere : $35
Five prepaid sessions (good for one year): $150
Ten prepaid sessions (good for one year): $250
c) Seven Natural Remedies for Swollen Feet
Pesky and unattractive swelling can occur for quite a few reasons and even though we are all different, we’ll cover the reasons and remedies that can apply to all of us.
* The first and most obvious reason is that we remain sitting and very still for too long. Even when we are sedentary we tend to get up to fetch a coffee; go to the loo; rifle thru a filing cabinet - a sort of minimum of movement. But see what happens on a plane were we are usually stuck in one spot AND one position for hours - voila. The lymph system has no motor as the blood circulatory system does, and so the lymph in the legs need at least some minimum movement for the lymph fluid to be pushed upward.

* During pregnancy there is so much extra taxing work for the fluids in the body and less movement as the baby grows, such that pregnancy can be a time of swollen feet.. and with extreme old age there can also be extra demanding challenges that push the lymphatic system’s work to the background.

* Blood clots and phlebitis are also an important reason and need professional attention.

* Some medications including contraceptives and other hormonal interventions; some anti-hypertensive meds that manipulate blood flow; and anti-depressant meds are the interfering causes to a smooth lymph uptake.

* Sometimes a simple lack of electrolytes can be the culprit and then this is masked as lack of minerals can cause other symptoms, too.

Natural Remedies for Swollen Feet and Ankles
1. Take some sage and rosemary dried herbs, 50 grams of each herb, and make a hot infusion, and then add this to a small foot bath container that is already full of quite warm water. Stay for a soothing 15 minutes.
2. Horsetail tea, a simple herbal known for it’s high mineral content may help. Boil 1 liter of water and add 4 tablespoons of horsetail herb and let steep and then drink over the course of the day (contains manganese, calcium, iron, flavonoids, caffeic acid esters, saponins, tannins, alkaloids, fatty acids, phytosterols, glycosides, phenolic acids, aconitic acid and silica)
3. Enter your feet into a bowl of hot water to which you have added a handful of proper Himalayan salt (see salt article at After 10 minutes in the little bath, remove your feet and place your feet into a bucket of cold water to which some good salt has also been addd. The activated circulation of this area of the body due to this water therapy can reduce inflammation and create movement. This can be alternated with Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate).
4. To a small bottle with several tablespoons of olive oil, coconut oil or other quality massage oil (not mineral or baby oil) add a few drops of cinnamon and clove oil. Then heat this little container bottle of infused oil in a water bath (no microwaving please!!!) very gentleuntil nice and warm and mixed - not steaming! and apply. Massage in and then wear wool socks and head to bed. Wash the evidence off in the morning and re-warm the oil in the evening and repeat.
5. Take 2 handfuls of mint, 10 minutes and a small foot bucket with heated water. Relax.
6. Raise your calves and feet above heart level - so that gravity can do it’s work and stimulate the drainage of your fluids.
7. Occasionally we have issues whereby we feel isolated (for example, hospitalization, prison time, or being shunned - either by a group or religion or people we wish to be close to) and then the kidneys treat us like a “fish out of water” and we close our “gills” and have systemic fluid retention, which then also occurs in the ankles and feet until we are back in our comfortable and supported environment. Best is to recognize this challenge and then to do EFT (emotional freedom techniques) and other gentle healing and problem solving.
d) celebrating 13 years since I first was allowed to publish Bruce Lipton's great fundamental epigenetics article: the Biology of Belief! Now it's a classic and the basis for the more enlightened concepts regarding how our bodies work at the cellular level. We now take for granted that his work was ground-breaking so few years ago. Just as we now know that unresolved emotions, shocks and conflicts have a DIRECT effect on our body via our psyche, this great work sheds another light on the exact same fact, but from a different and delightfully Bruce-type angle. He has had many deeply profound follow-up works - books and videos and this is one of the later ones - a great one to end this year one: - The Honeymoon Effect.
Pour yourself a glass of bubbly, put your feet up and ENJOY!
e) take a look up REAL close - makes you appreciate the wonder that you are - an interactive body map – beautifully done:
TRY OUT my friend Alicia Meek's cooking classes – brilliant lady – all raw genius:

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Have a wonderful year end and wishing you brilliant healing and joy.
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