Have you ever wondered how people can claim to send distant healing energy? And really wondered how this can be done when all the healer has is a first name and initial and maybe a city somewhere close by or far away? Can these claims be real? Why not just send healing with just initials or no name at all?

How much information does one need to be effective, if at all, to send distance healing? Is it personal and different for every healer or is there really a science to it with a few serious consistent basics to be adhered to, so as to not create doubt or an appearance of “hit or miss”?
When I look at how different energy work teachers I have had the privilege of studying with, were sending healing energy, then I saw a pattern that distinguished what worked from what didn’t work and what was wishful thinking. Then I put this to the test myself with experiments (including with the help of an energetic calibrator with Dr. Wally Heath) and to see how qualitatively productive it was for me and for the “receiving” persons in my experiments.

Way back in the late 1970’s, it appears Mrs.Takata, who was mainly responsible for bringing Reiki to the West (with a few exceptions), experienced her first sending of distant healing to someone she didn’t know on one of her teaching trips to the Slocan Valley in BC. During a Reiki II class there (which would have included the sending of healing Reiki energy to someone not present), the class decided to send, also, distant healing to someone who was quite ill, yet whom only a few people in the class knew. He was quite a ways away – Spokane. After everyone had the name and location and details of the “receiver”, and all wrote this down, the group sent their energy. The resultant surge was deemed phenomenal back in Spokane! Mrs.Takata was impressed and asked Wanya Twan, her Reiki Master student at the time, to speak about this later in public.

In other modalities such as BodyTalk, the minimum information required for a proper distant healing is a full name and a geographic location... nothing less – in short it works like using cosmic GPS co-ordinates, coupled with very specific techniques. Included in the technique is that either the “receiving” person is focused on receiving themselves or someone who knows this person is holding this focus. Sure enough – my luck!
The person in my study experiment, whom I didn’t know and was to have a session with and who was held strongly in the mind of her friend, sitting nearby me, “showed up” and promptly told me to “f--- o--”! So I stopped cold and reported this to the person/friend holding her in their mind and I felt I had royally failed.... Well, apparently, I was right on track as this would have been a typical response to something this “weird and crazy” as this person would have perceived it to be and there was more in this vein and in the end we had quite an interesting, revealing if not testy healing session.
This rather dramatic session narrowed the parameters required right down for me. This amount of needed information, as a minimum, worked for most of the class, too. I’d say that this turned out to be the basic information I needed to do a good job at any given time. ofcourse a photo, a personal meeting and detailed knowledge makes it easier and more accurate.

A brilliant Quantum Touch Teacher, Alain Herriot, a teacher of mine who had the rare ability to truly see energy, would only heal people he had had a connection with – and this would normally be a minimum of a telephone conversation – and normally this would include the details of what the health issues were. But the actual connection of speaking to each other was invaluable for him to make that proper energetic connection he needed to work with the person.
Another highly regarded teacher of mine would not work without a picture to make a clear connection.

How do I know that this energy actually travels to the other person and doesn’t drop into the Pacific Ocean on it’s way from Vancouver to Melbourne?
Many articles have been written on the theory and proof of non-local healing and an amazing number of experiments have been recorded.
Dr. Larry Dossey has written many articles and books on this subject and you may wish to have a listen here:

Have you ever seen a street lamp that was just barely emanating light (not dead, but barely alight)? Then you send it loving qi and after 30 seconds or less it turns back on! Voila! That energy didn’t go to the car parked below or to the street light beside it, already doing fine! The energy goes where it is sent. After many street lights, I think this is now a bit of proof for me or as one friend put it: “the city should give you a job – taxes well spent...”)

Wonder how Reiki people can sit in utmost silence, stillness and quietude for long periods of time and not go totally crazy from boredom?
When you have many tools in your healing toolbox – for example, running healing mother earth energy from the ground or heavenly energy from above through you to your friend or loved one, or holding an unhappy organ in your mind, under your hands, as being totally perfect and raising its vibration, (all Reiki level one techniques), then keeping high vibrations constant and consistent becomes second nature and ...never a dull moment.

Should intention be part of Reiki if it is pure healing energy?
Yes and no – an attunement is an intention. Deciding or intuiting where to move your hands to, is a form of working with something other than “nothing”. Some people may summon angels, ancestors, guides, Reiki symbols, Master Usui and incantations to be incorporated into the process and this, too, is intention. Working with the chakras during a session is definitely and intention, too.

Yet, if one is intent on doing meditation during Reiki, with no intention, no use of intuition or mind or thoughts or guided thoughts, no Reiki symbols, etc, would it still be Reiki?
Come and get your questions answered. Come and get your Reiki enthusiasm back. Review the Level One basics. Work with these energies and learn proper distant healing and the essence of the classic Reiki symbols. It’s practical and useful for these changing times and ANYONE can do it, easily and happily.

Any questions?
Any suggestions?

Merrie Bakker
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A very Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays to All of YOU. Hope you get lots of relaxation and downtime and love and joy and great food, music, sleeping in and inspiration to lead you excitedly into the New Year.

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c) Seven Natural Remedies for Swollen Feet
Swelling can occur for quite a few reasons and even though we are all different, we’ll cover the ones that can apply to all of us.
The first and most obvious reason is that we remain sitting for too long. Even when we are sedentary we tend to get up to fetch a coffee, go to the loo, rifle thru a filing cabinet - a sort of minimum movement. But see what happens on a plane were we are usually stuck in one spot AND one position for hours. The lymph system has no motor as the blood circulatory system does, and so the lymph in the legs need at least some minimum movement for the lymph fluid to be pushed upward.
During pregnancy there is so much extra taxing work for the fluids in the body and less movement as the baby grows, such that pregnancy can be a time of swollen feet.. and with extreme old age there can are also extra demanding challenges that push the lymphatic system’s work to the background.
Blood clots and phlebitis are also an important reason and need professional attention.

Some medications including contraceptives and other hormonal interventions; some anti-hypertensive meds that manipulate blood flow; and anti-depressant meds are the interfering causes to a smooth lymph uptake.
Sometimes a simple lack of electrolytes can be the culprit and then this is masked as lack of minerals can cause other symptoms, too.

Natural Remedies for Swollen Feet and Ankles
1. Take some sage and rosemary dried herbs, 50 grams of each herb and make a hot infusion, and then add to a small foot bath container that is already full of warm water. Stay for a soothing 15 minutes.
2. Horsetail tea, a simple herbal known for it’s high mineral content may help. Boil 1 liter of water and add 4 tablespoons of horsetail herb and let steep and then drink over the course of the day (contains manganese, calcium, iron, flavonoids, caffeic acid esters, saponins, tannins, alkaloids, fatty acids, phytosterols, glycosides, phenolic acids, aconitic acid and silica)
3. Enter your feet into a bowl of hot water to which you have added a handful of proper Himalayan salt (see salt article at After 10 minutes in the little bath,remove your feet, and place your feet into a bucket of cold water to which some good salt has also been addd. The activated circulation of this area of the body due to this water therapy can reduce inflammation and create movement. This can be alternated with Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate).
4. To a small bottle with several tablespoons of olive oil, coconut oil or other quality massage oil (not mineral or baby oil) add a few drops of cinnamon and clove oil. Then heat this little container bottle of infused oil in a water bath (no microwaving please!!!) until nice and warm and mixed - not steaming! and apply. Massage in and then wear wool socks and head to bed. Wash the evidence off in the morning and re-warm the oil in the evening and repeat.
5. Take 2 handfuls of mint, 10 minutes and a small foot bucket with heated water. Relax.
6. Raise your calves and feet above heart level - so that gravity can do it’s work and stimulate the drainage of your fluids.
7. Occasionally we have issues whereby we feel isolated (for example, hospitalization, prison time, or being shunned - either by a group or religion or people we wish to be close to) and then the kidneys treat us like a “fish out of water” and we close our “gills” and have systemic fluid retention, which then also occurs in the ankles and feet until we are back in our comfortable and supported environment. Best is to recognize this challenge and then to do EFT (emotional freedom techniques) and other gentle healing and problem solving.

d) celebrating 13 years since I first was allowed to publish Bruce Lipton's great fundamental epigenetics article: the Biology of Belief! Now it's a classic and the basis for the more enlightened concepts regarding how our bodies work at the cellular level. We now take for granted that his work was ground-breaking so few years ago. Just as we now know that unresolved emotions, shocks and conflicts have a DIRECT effect on our body via our psyche, this great work sheds another light on the exact same fact, but from a different and delightfully Bruce-type angle. He has had many deeply profound follow-up works - books and videos and this is one of the later ones - a great one to end this year one: - The Honeymoon Effect.
Pour yourself a glass of bubbly, put your feet up and ENJOY!

e) an article on how to easily boost your glutathione from struggling to flying - and energize yourself!

People who wish to detox gently; people who wish to increase their body's healing potential (folks with serious chronic conditions such as Aids/HIV or people with rheumatoid arthritis, for example); people who wish to increase their protein metabolism; and people who wish to create more energy, may want to double check their food choicessuch that they include the items to generate optimum glutathione - and still enjoy splendidly tasty gourmet meals.

More specifically:
* Glutathione plays a major role in de-activating toxic substances, as your body “handcuffs” toxins to a glutathione “chaperone” to help lead them to the exits — usually via the kidneys and urine and sometimes via the liver and the bowel.
* Glutathione plays a major functional role in rebuilding almost all of our tissues (DNA synthesis and repair; protein, enzyme and prostaglandin synthesis, activation and transport).
* Glutathione is a serious cellular antioxidant, neutralizing free radicals and reactive oxygen compounds.
* Glutathione supports the important work of other antioxidants such as quality vitamins C and E.
* Glutathione is an essential nutrient for optimal vision.
* Glutathione is a vital co-factor in iron metabolism.

How to create the most from food choices:
Glutathione, a protein, is created from its constituent amino acids: l-cysteine, l-glycine and l-glutamic acid. Glutamic acid and glycine are readily available in most of our diets - we have sufficient. Cysteine is a little harder to include for some folks - the bottle-neck in terms of our available building blocks. So the stable version of Cysteine found in our food is often called cystine and has both animal and plant sources:
The animal sources for all three of these amino acids are: meats (such as chicken, turkey, duck), eggs and dairy (only if organic, quality whey protein is an example)
Plant sources are: red peppers, garlic, onions, broccoli, brussels sprouts, oats, wheat germ, sprouted lentils.
The garlic and onions are important as they also supply us with that oh so crucial sulphur and that is oh so important as none of these nutrients dance alone - they have many partners - also called co-factors - mainly vitmains, enzymes and minerals. If you have had your tonsils removed then the sulphur contaning foods are even more important to include in the promotion of glutathione as the tonsils are a place to store sulphur and some of us don’t have that storage capacity anymore.

The other co-factor and mineral of prime importance is selenium and that can be abundantly acquired through eating Brazil nuts with gay abandon. These are not for sale at the bulk super-stores but are in all health food stores and yummy! Few people have an allergy to these - I pass them around often.

Some people perfer the supplement route when they are very challenged or deficient and then take the glutathione precursor supplement, N-acetyl-cystine which provides both sulphur and a precursor amino acid to kick-start glutathione production. This precursor is also called N-acetylcysteine, NAC for short, and is readily absorbed if it is of a good quality. This has helped AIDS patients boost their glutathione levels. Also, if you need to be in fast forward, if you are fighting for your life, a naturopathic IV infusion of glutathione with vitamin C is useful.

But if you are tweaking naturally, then look at these foods and include these:
common types of brassica food sources as they, too, have a synergistic effect: cabbages, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussel sprouts and some types of seeds such as sesame - even when the brassia group of vegetables have been deemed 'pro-inflammatory" from olden days advice...

So here is your glutathione food shopping list:
non-vegetarian: meats (such as chicken, turkey, duck), eggs and dairy, red peppers, garlic, onions, broccoli, brussels sprouts, oats, wheat germ, lentils, Brazil nuts, sesame seeds, tahini, cabbages, cauliflower
vegetarian: red peppers, garlic, onions, broccoli, brussels sprouts, oats, wheat germ, lentils, Brazil nuts, sesame seeds, tahini, cabbages, cauliflower

Alpha lipoic acid, is a wonder supplement for ailing livers; and for other crucial functions; AND helps restore intracellular glutathione production, too. More on ALA at (Liver Disease: The Shameful Culmination Of Allopathic Therapy) - a good read even if you have no interest in glutathione...

Bon Appetit - happy eating!
f) take a look up REAL close - makes you appreciate the wonder that you are - an interactive body map – beautifully done:


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