juicy little energy work articles; metaphysically related video clips / updates; Spring Cleaning OXYGEN/OZONE special rates still valid; next Reiki, dowsing and reflexology classes


Hello All,
I’ve been adding all sorts of information on the home page at reflexologyreiki.com - just above the calendar: ILLUMINATING INSIGHTS - lots of juicy little articles - from Chi Lel, Gregg Braden, NDE's, to a few videos and the very ORIGINAL Lord’s Prayer in ARAMAIC - properly translated (before it was altered)! ENJOY! 
Very limited time: The Spring Cleaning OXYGEN/OZONE special discounted rates - almost over - good till March 7th! 33% discount - relax, hyper-healthy, rejuvenate and cleanse… not exactly hard work!
weekend Reiki Level One class: March 14, 15
one day Dowsing introduction - Looking for More Than Water: March 22
once only - Reiki Level One review - for past students - March 29
weekend Reiki Level Two class: April 4, 5
weekend Reflexology Introduction Workshop: May 2, 3
Details at http://www.reflexologyreiki.com/classes, or 604-261-7742 or info@reflexologyreiki.com
Always on-going:
Reiki Wednesdays - introductory Reiki sessions - $30
regular Reiki, Reflexology, Dowsing sessions - most days except Wednesdays
live blood analysis
ozone/oxygen sessions
Have a happy beginning to your Spring!
Merrie Bakker
604-261-7742 or info@reflexologyreiki.com
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