REFLEXOLOGY classes and healing sessions in Vancouver BC with reflexologist Merrie Bakker

REFLEXOLOGY 3 day basic weekend certification class: August 31, September 1, 2 in Vancouver, BC. A truly potent, holistic, healing, soothing modality that anyone can learn. Reflexology is a centuries old hands-on method of very specific, non-invasive healing ~ safe for all ages and health challenges. From sore backs and sciatica to insomnia and incontinence; from stress and sports injuries to recouping from cancer and cancer therapy as well as cleansing / detoxing from this. NOW is a good time to speed up your journey to wellness and have a few really good sessions or a thorough learning weekend and happily learn how to do this for yourself.

Learn how to do a basic thorough Reflexology session on yourself and loved ones. Come to our 16 hour weekend class or learn in a private one-on-one 16 hour comprehensive class... AND spoil your friends and clients with this gentle yet powerful hands-on-healing modality that you will love working with, even on yourself!
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Pacific Holistic offers soothing, non-medicinal, effective, sessions and thorough Reflexology classes for everyone - with lots of theory, explanations and practical hands-on time. Upcoming classes are listed below on this page in the calendar.
You don't have to be a seasoned, certified practitioner to give yourself, your friends and loved ones good, beneficial sessions.

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One session: $49
Five prepaid sessions: $210
Ten prepaid sessions: $350


$70 single session
$300 - five session prepaid package

Merrie Bakker,

Merrie Bakker

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