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REIKI SESSIONS 40% OFF FOR JANUARY - $42 - one hour.

LEARN REIKI Level One weekend class: January 26, 27 LEARN REIKI Level Two - weekend class: February 2, 3; next REIKI Exchange: in February 3; please text, email or phone for details; next REIKI Master class starts at end of March. See classes calendar below. REIKI classes are taught in small groups and also by private instruction.
One-on-one REIKI classes have the benefit of flexible scheduling and a tonne of individualized attention - two consecutive days or four consecutive 1/2 days or evenings.

Class content and material is formed to include the student's interests, needs and goals.

More details (what is covered, fees, times, etc) on Level One REIKI weekend certification classes at

More details (CONTENT, fees, times, etc) on THE Level Two Reiki weekend certification classes at

So! Are you ready to schedule your first class?
Let's talk! Please call / text Merrie at 604-261-7742 and we'll discuss your goals and scheduling options.

Would you like to be placed on the list for the next workshop? Just send us an email at with the words "workshop calendar" in the title.

(Once a private one-on-one Reiki class is scheduled, the time is set aside and held. A non-refundable $75 deposit is part of the tuition fee and expected within 3 business days after the intial time arrangement. Full payment is expected one week prior to the first scheduled day.) (If payment and registration is not received within this time frame, then the block of time set aside for the private class will be opened up again.
Cancellations with at least 3 days / 72 hours notice will result in full refund, minus the deposit and/or any processing fees. Cancellations with less than 72 hours notice will result in full forfeiture of all fees paid.)

Are you a 'lapsed' Reiki practitioner?
Join in at our next Reiki Refresher Course and / or Practitioner Exchange - in Kerrisdale, Vancouver. Stay up to date with our newsletter so you'll know the dates well in advance (send us an email with the word 'newsletter' in the subject).
Please let us know you are coming and we'll give you specific directions.
Hope to see you!
Or call / text / email us for more details.

All our Reiki events (classes / workshops / lectures / exchanges) are listed at classes and sessions sections - just click on the tabs above or below and browse through the details.

REIKI WEDNESDAYS - Reiki healing sessions, one hour of divine energy - $30

These sessions are great if you are curious and want to find out for yourself if this is useful for you - and maybe even have a brief explanation or two - just give me a call or text - 604-261-7742 or email at for your appointment time.
Only $30 (more than 50% off regular price) on Wednesdays.

*Recouping from a serious illness?
*Enduring difficult therapies such as chemo and radiation?
*Were you devastated by a health diagnosis - afraid your life will be cut short?
*Under severe stress - afraid you will loose your job; afraid you are not a good enough partner or parent; afraid that an illness will return?

Reiki treatment during pregnancy has tremendous benefits for both mother and baby. It encourages deep relaxation, eases back pain, relieves nausea and insomnia. Regular treatment can lead to a smoother labor and delivery.

Click the Reiki tab ABOVE, and read about - the origins, the founder Master Usui, the basic Reiki Principles, my Reiki lineage, the healing wonders of Reiki over the years, some science behind the energy work and interesting web links, articles and Reiki teachings as well as answers to questions you may have.

All Reiki levels are taught at #PacificHolistic in Kerrisdale, Vancouver, BC (since 1999); classes are in-depth, thorough - teaching with a lot of theory and a lot of hands-on practice by a seasoned Reiki teacher, Reiki master.
Everyone leaves empowered, confident, capable and with competent ability to do serious and thorough Reiki healing sessions. (Classes include Reiki manuals and Reiki certificates.) and 604-261-7742

When disease, heaps of stress, pain or a health crisis strikes, you may feel attacked on many levels and your energy, when you need it most, seems to desert you... Reiki healing can help replenish!

* Reduce the side effects from harsh therapies and medications
* Make your healing a new beginning ~ diminish fear, worry, guilt and information overload
* Make your healing journey as easy as possible ~ give your inner physician a hand.
* Discuss, if you wish, how knowing the specific underlying emotional issues, shocks and conflicts can help you gain perspective on what may be contributing to your health challenges
* Speed up your recovery ~ Reiki is calming and de-stressing
* Allow your body to Revitalize!

Distanthealing sessions (also known as non-local healing) and our new up-coming webinars will be available to you if you reside outside of Greater Vancouver, BC.
And if you are moved to learn #Reiki, #Reflexology and #Dowsing, then I hope you choose a path or class that is thorough with solid information and with a good practicum.

Please check the bottom of the home page for all workshops, classes and events

Merrie Bakker

Or come and socialize with us:

Please visit for thorough Live Blood Analysis and nutritional advice (darkfield, phase contrast and peripheral analysis - live and dry) and for Ozone and Oxygen Sauna therapy.
(We do not sell supplements.)

Merrie Bakker, BA MArch, provides healing using natural healing approaches that complement nature's attempts at correcting imbalances: energy medicine and complementary care modalities, These include working with energizing chakras and meridians; integrating specific nutritional healing; body / mind integration; acupressure; unlocking self healing powers; electromagnetic, radiation and geopathic stress reduction.