REIKI CLASSES, healing, sessions in Vancouver BC

next REIKI Level One Class - POWER TO HEAL - weekend certification class: October 3, 4; REIKI Level Two: September 12, 13; REIKI practitioner Exchange: Sunday, September 13 at 3pm; REIKI Level III / Teacher MASTER class starts mid October - see bottom of page

All classes at Pacific Holistic are in Kerrisdale, Vancouver

REFLEXOLOGY classes and healing sessions in Vancouver BC

REFLEXOLOGY - 2 1/2 day - basic weekend certification class: October 16 (eve) 17, 18 in Vancouver, BC. Reflexology - truly potent, holistic, healing modality that anyone can learn. Reflexology is a centuries old hands-on method of very specific, non-invasive healing ~ safe for all ages and health challenges - see calendar below

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  • BASIC DOWSING classes

    The next Dowsing class - September 27th - 10am - 6pm
    Pacific Holistic Dowsing - Personal & Environmental Clearing - looking for more than water...

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