#REIKI classes - all levels; Reiki healing sessions; Reiki Practitioner Exchanges

next Reiki Level One weekend classes: September 15, 16; October 13, 14;  November 10, 11. next Reiki Level Two weekend class: September 8, 9 and November 24, 25. next Reiki Exchange: Sunday, September 9th - 3pm; please text, email or phone for details; next Reiki Master class starts at end of September. Reiki classes are taught in small groups once per month and also by private instruction.

#Reflexology Sessions, Reflexology Workshops and Basic Reflexology Weekend Classes For Everyone

next Basic Reflexology weekend classes - August 31 (eve), September 1, 2; September 28 (eve), 29, 30; October 26 (eve), 27, 28 in Kerrisdale, Vancouver, BC. A truly potent, wholistic, healing, soothing modality that anyone can learn. Reflexology is a centuries old method of very specific, non-invasive healing ~ safe for all ages and health challenges. From sore backs and sciatica to insomnia and incontinence; from stress and sports injuries to recouping from cancer and cancer therapies as well as cleansing

Classic Articles on Energy Medicine, Metaphysical Work and Healing Modalities

Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award winning journalist and researcher - https://youtu.be/Mtd00qLYPL8
Born in New Jersey. Graduated from Beninton College with a BA in English. She wrote two books - The Baby Brokers and Kathleen Kennedy. She is the editor of one of my favorite publications, What Doctors Don't Tell You (WDDTY).

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