next one day small group Dowsing class - April 3; next basic one day Personal Energy Clearing class: February 20; next 1/2 day Chakra Energizing / Rebalancing class - February 19

Pacific Holistic Dowsing - Personal & Environmental Clearing - looking for more than water...
Over time our environment adjusts to energetically harmonize the existing energies with the energies of those of us living in it or passing through. Energetic clearing can feel quite nice initially and even for a time. And then slowly, the old vibrations re-create themselves ~ all depending on the frequencies (or vibrations) imparted by us, the inhabitants.

Conversely, we try and adapt to the energies we receive from our environment, the invisible fields, objects and the energies around us that pervade everything - good and bad - exhilarating and healing - or blocking and heavy.
The discordant energies in our environment can be our own, or those left by people who lived in our personal spaces prior to us, visitors or that occasionally imparted by nature.

(At the moment we are not doing home and office clearing visits. But we are teaching classes.)

To get the most out of your classes I'd suggest the following order so the classes build on your strengths:

CHAKRA rebalancing - 1/2 day class - February 19

  • for everyone and also very useful for energy work practitioners - gives your body the best energetic - 10am - 2pm - $90

personal ENERGY CLEARING - basic one day class - February 20

  • perfect your own clearing of all of your energy fields - internal and external - allows you to be top notch in order to work with safely with others and clients - 10am - 6pm - $180

DOWSING - basic INTRODUCTORY one day class - April 3

  • bring your pendulums, rods and bobbers - 10am - 6pm - $180

We're in Kerrisdale, Vancouver, BC, Canada

please phone or text 604-261-7742
Merrie Bakker 
B.Sc, M.Arch, CN

Merrie Bakker at Pacific Holistic, Vancouver BC