about Reiki, Reflexology, EFT and Dowsing Classes in Vancouver BC

in Kerrisdale, Vancouver BC


1) REIKI - THE POWER TO HEAL - certification weekend classes - all levels - described below:

  • intensive REIK I - January 8, 9; February 5, 6; March 5, 6; April 2, 3 - $360
  • progressive REIKI Level II - January 22, 23 - $360
  • empowering, complete REIKI Level III / Teacher Master Class - starts April 16, 17 - two weekends - $720

2) REFLEXOLOGY - 2 1/2 days - certification classes - see below

  • BASIC foundation class - March 18 Friday (eve), Saturday & Sunday March 19, 20 - $395

  • ADVANCED class - TBA - $395

3) comprehensive CHAKRA rebalancing - 1/2 day - see below

  • February 19
    10am - 2pm - $90

4) personal ENERGY CLEARING - basic one day class

  • February 20
    10am - 6pm - $180

5) DOWSING basic INTRODUCTORY one day class

  • April 3
    10am - 6pm - $180

6) GIFT certificates

7) comprehensive article on CERTIFICATION in BC



1) about all REIKI classes

THE POWER TO HEAL - Reiki is both a healing art and a long winding personal spiritual path.
All students will hopefully continuously practice Reiki after the classes finish - oneself, friends, peers, plants, pets, relatives and stay in touch through our Reiki Exchanges (see below), etc. For this reason our Reiki Exchanges and an ongoing support is sincerely offered to everyone who studies with us.

about REIKI - Level One

Our 2 day Reiki weekend certification class is thorough and empowering, designed for everyone and all ages and gives you a solid foundation.
Sign up - just send Merrie Bakker BA MArch RHNC an email, text or phone call - 604-261-7742 and info@reflexologyreiki.com for more details and how to hold your space
Fees for our small-group-classes: $360 for 16 plus hours of Reiki instruction. Be the first to know when we open our doors again this Spring! Just send us an email with the word 'calendar' in the subject.
(return student fee is 50%).
(bring a friend and both receive a 10% reduction)
Private One-on-One Reiki Level One classes: these have the benefit of flexible scheduling and a tonne of individualized attention. Either two consecutive days or four consecutive 1/2 days or evenings. Class content and material is formed to include the students specific interests, needs and goals. The fees for the One-on-One Reiki class during these challenging times is also $360 for 16 plus hours of instruction.

Would you like to be placed on the list for the next workshop? Just send us an email with the word 'calendar' in the subject.

Everyone can acquire the ability to pass on through healing energy (not psychic channelling or faith healing - which is quite different than Reiki healing). We stay as close as possible to the work of the founder, Master Usui, while adapting this work to our fast paced results-oriented Western setting and culture.

about REIKI - Level Two

This REIKI Level TWO Certification weekend group class is <strong> intensive, thorough and empowering ~ a class, designed for being a thorough Reiki practitioner and for those of us who want to deepen the many aspects of Reiki covered in Level One - empowering for everyone and all ages. http://www.reflexologyreiki.com/node/127

Reiki Level Two is $360. Bring a friend and you both receive a 10% reduction. Return students fee is 50%.

Reiki Level II classes are taught in very small GROUPS as well as by private instruction. 
Private One-on-One Reiki Level One classes: these have the benefit of flexible scheduling and a tonne of individualized attention. Either two consecutive days or four consecutive 1/2 days or evenings. Class content and material is formed to include the students specific interests, needs and goals. The fees for the One-on-One Reiki class during these challenging times is also $360.

Would you like to be placed on the list for the next workshop? Just send us an email with the word 'calendar' in the subject.

Call text or email Merrie at 604-261-7742 and info@reflexologyreiki.com

about our REIKI Intensive / 3rd degree and Master Teacher - 2 weekend certificationcClass (not divided into two parts)

There are many facets to deepening our Reiki healing ability; our personal evolvement; and above all learning how to teach Reiki to an array of eager unique individuals.
As well, this class allows you to learn the attunement process comfortably; to understand intricately how Reiki developed over the decades after Master Usui's transition; to teach others empowering Reiki hands-on-healing with confidence and its many facets; to manage your own spiritual development and inner spiritual guidance; and how to be a really good, practical, well-rounded, hands-on practitioner, teacher, advocate for Reiki and mentor, who can answer and address a wide range of questions and an even wider range of student backgrounds and to pass on this wonderful art and science with real joy and grounded insights.
The Master Level Course fee: $720 (Bring a friend and receive a 10% reduction).
Payment for classes can be by e-transfer, cheque, cash and credit cards (thru the Paypal system)
Whatever you can do or dream, you can begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.
 ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Whether you are healthy or if you have a serious or chronic condition such as cancer, HIV, heart disease, arthritis, IBS, nervousness or if you require post-operative healing, or have received invasive treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation or surgery, then Reiki self-treatments can give you a great comfort, lessen the side effects of your treatments and speed up your healing process.
Learning this wonderful Reiki can never be soon enough! It is both preventative and healing.

A seasoned Reiki master teacher can guide you along this learning pathway with insight and patience. When disease, heaps of stress, pain or a health crisis strikes and your energy, when you need it most, seems to desert you... Reiki healing can help replenish!



2) about our weekend certification REFLEXOLOGY classes for EVERYONE

A thorough 20 plus hour basic class - for working with family, friends, and adding perfect for adding to an existing healing practice or sweet self-help - this could be in everyones healing tool-box.

This class is taught in a very small group setting and privately one-on-one in a supportive environment. Support and spoil your clients, loved ones and yourself.

ANYONE CAN LEARN THIS toe-tally non-invasive healing modality. The course is designed for everyone who is eager to learn and all ages and gives you a solid foundation. We cover all main areas of human physiology and most common health challenges. On day one you get your toes wet... and on the second day you jump in with both feet! Course notes and an extensive step by step manual to guide you after the class, is included. 

You can then continue to study more theoretical elements including appropriate anatomy and physiology. Or you may want to document the reflexology work you will be doing and collect your case studies for the future and take the ADVANCED class... at whatever speed you wish.

If you would like to study with a buddy, then come together and you will both receive a 10% reduction. Regular fee: $375 for 20 plus hours of instruction.

Reflexology is not a regulated healing modality - the federal or provincial governments have no jurisdiction over reflexology by law. The BC Ministry of Health has jurisdiction over many health modalities such as chiropractic, naturopathy, mid-wives, etc, but not modalities that can do no harm. The BC Ministry of Corporate Affairs established this decades ago for reflexology. This is common among many other alternative complementary therapies (such as EFT, Reiki, etc).

However there are several practitioner associations which may have regulations of their own as to who may be allowed to join as a member and what / whose course content may or may not be approved. (Some association names include the words national, provincial or international and  this tends to imply specific regulatory powers which causes erroneous confusions). Please see http://www.reflexologyreiki.com/certification for specific details.

The One-On-One Reflexology courses have the benefits of flexible scheduling and a tonne of individualized attention - 3 consecutive days or 5 or 6 consecutive 1/2 days or 4 hour evenings. Class content and material is formed to include the students interests, needs and goals. 

Basic Level fee: $500 for 20 plus hours of individual instruction. Payment for classes can be by cheque, credit cards (thru the Paypal system), e-interac/e-debit and cash.

Are you ready to schedule your first class? Please call, text or email Merrie at 604-261-7742, info@reflexologyreiki.com and we can discuss your goals and scheduling options.

Would you like to be placed on the email list for the next class dates? Just send us an email at info@reflexologyreiki.com with the words 'workshop calendar' in the subject.

Or come and socialize with us: https://www.facebook.com/HealingVancouver

Reflexology, Reiki, Dowsing: http://www.reflexologyreiki.com
Live Blood Analysis and Ozone therapy: http://www.pacificholistic.com


3) about our small and practical CHAKRA rebalancing and energizing classes

especially useful for energy work practitioners and an excellant precursor to healing and clearng work - $90


4) personal ENERGY CLEARING - basic one day class

clearing the physical and subtle bodies - from removing entities, clearing the physical body, the etheric field, etc, through to the gaia field - and is a straightforward and graceful way to learn to diminish and remove possible disturbed emotional energies / attachments and create good protection - an excellant precursor to doing Basic Dowsing work - 10am - 6pm; $180


5) about our basic practical  DOWSING INTRODUCTORY class

Learn the basics to the ancient art of dowsing / QUESTING. Learn to locate water, minerals, lost objects and improve health. This hands-on class will include working with pendulum and dowsing rods as well as device-less dowsing, and how to ask the right questions.

  • how to use your pendulum for clearing
  • what questions to ask, how to ask, permission and protection
  • what to clear first and what follows
  • using different dowsing tools - rods / pendulums / bobbers
  • about EMFs and geopathic stresses
  • about yin and yang energetic patterns and forces and creating a balance
  • clearing negative thoughts, emotions, events, thought patterns from spaces
  • detecting and dealing with earth ley lines and grid lines

Come and learn ~ the class is theoretical and practical - $180

To register for this course please call, text or email Merrie Bakker BA MArch RHNC, at 604-261-7742 and info@reflexologyreiki.com. (We take e-transfer/e-interac, cash, cheques and credit cards thru the paypal system.)

Return privileges are available to persons who have taken this course before and who wish to review. The cost of the course for these folks is $75. Each class is small, so for return students, early registration is recommended. Please bring a bag lunch. Water, snacks and fruit provided.

In the Kerrisdale area, Vancouver, BC



Give a Gift Card to someone special today
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Simply order with a text or email - any denomination and personal specifics


7) CERTIFICATION in BC - what does that REALLY mean?

People often want to know if they are taking courses that will lead to certification. This is a very valid question. And certification has various meanings and can be misleading.

Professional Registrations, Official Certifications and Title Designations (examples: Registered Midwife, Registered Massage Therapist, Architect, Medical Doctor, Aromatherapist) are usually represented by a few letters after someones name and these are recognized by any level of government.

While it may be possible to get away with any old title in some countries, official designations are very strict in Canada and BC. In Canadas health world, almost all modalities are under the jurisdiction of the provinces, their legislations and by-laws and that is also the case here in BC. The over-arching concept that the government uses when examining a healing modality for applicable oversight is if a modality can 'do no harm', then it is not mandated to go through ANY government scrutiny.

My examples above of Registered Midwives and Registered Massage Therapists are ones that CAN do harm and therefore are provincially regulated and have credentialing and official certification rules and regulations and associations / institutions set up just for that and this is where proper certification comes in.
Titles designated / allowed and associated with these professions are recognized under the BC Health Act. Specific occcupational title designations, such as with Aromatherapy, must be granted under the Societies Act of B C.

Sometimes a school, institution or individual hands out certifications upon completion of courses and these clarify that someone has successfully completed a program. (This however doesn't stop some groups from trying to impress by saying that anyone not a member of its association is not generally certified or a valid practitioner - and so the meaning of these 'certifications' criticisms need looking into. When I give my students a certificate, it means job well done; proof of attendance; and mastery of the class content.
Reiki, EFT, Dowsing and reflexology can do no harm - and therefore there is no official government involvement or certification by government required and NO certification body / NOR government mandate to have this.

Especially with Reiki and Reflexology there seems to be a muddle afoot. The words Reiki and Reflexology are not protected by any designation or patent or copyright and can be used by anyone - whether incredibly adept, and well-trained or novice or useless.
Any Reiki or Reflexology teacher or school can give out certificates. We hope they are only extended to students who have attained a reasonable proficiency that meets the stipulations of that specific teacher or school.
Any Reiki or Reflexology association - local, provincial or national can accept a member on the honour system, or with a minimal bit of scrutiny as it stands at the moment and can even have very minimal expectations and requirements.
On the other hand, a Reiki or Reflexology organization can set stringent standards and set exams. Yet others are mainly a place for people to sign up for being listed / marketing - it's all a private (non-governnmental) dynamic.

You may also want to look into the letters after peoples' names... this article continues at http://www.reflexologyreiki.com/certification