Level One Reiki - THE POWER TO HEAL - Weekend Certification Class

01/08/2022 10:00
01/09/2022 18:00

THE POWER TO HEAL - REIKI 16 hour LEVEL ONE weekend class

intensive Hands-on-Healing Certification Weekend Class

Every one of us has an innate ability to raise our personal energy, awaken our inner physician and above all transmit universal healing energy to others. It's uncomplicated and powerful. Harm is never done.
I teach the original time-tested techniques - a subtle penetrating universal energy.
Come and learn with Merrie Bakker BA MArch RHNC

Classes are in Kerrisdale, Vancouver BC.

What you'll learn:

  • how to feel energy and energy patterns
  • the history of Reik
  • the uses for Reiki
  • introduction to working specifically with the chakras
  • Reiki hand positions for treating oneself
  • Reiki hand positions for treating others
  • giving a complete Reiki treatment
  • the Level I attunement
  • protection
  • grounding
  • centering
  • guided meditations
  • Level One manual
  • Reiki Certificates
  • on-going quarterly Reiki exchanges

You'll leave with competent healing hands. This is not a little "fake it till you make it" type class. And there's more to raising your personal vibration, creating healing energy and adding to your spiritual growth and journey than receiving an attunement, although that is important too.

What if you could tap into a natural healing force in your body that would free you of pain and anxietynand support you in living a healthy life full of energy and optimism?

In this class, you'll also learn:

  • how to use your body’s natural energies to feel better, think better and look better
  • how oto relieve pain and support chronic health issues
  • how to balance your energies so your body continues to heal, even when you are not doing Reiki  
  • how to take charge of your own health in new ways

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This class is also the prerequisite for Level Two Reiki.

Please call me with any questions you may have about these classes - and to register - 604-261-7742, or email me - info@reflexologyreiki.com

Merrie Bakker BA MArch RHNC - Pacific Holistic - in Vancouver, BC

I teach Reiki I, Reiki II, Reiki III / Master Levels.
All of the classes are a combination of lecture, discussion and practice.
It is hoped / expected that after the class, you will dedicate some time each week to practice Reiki with yourself, friends, family, pets or anyone inclined to receiving Reiki. Although once learned, Reiki is never forgotten, it is best to "activate" it by actively practicing it.
Experience builds up confidence which is a key ingredient and confidence builds a desire to practice more often and so forth.

Merrie Bakker, BA MArch RHNC

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Merrie Bakker, Reiki Master Teacher; Healer, Reflexologist & Dowser, Vancouver, BC

I have spent the last 24 years learning and teaching many forms of Energy Medicine and preventative health. In addition to teaching Reiki, Dowsing and Reflexology classes, I practice nutritional microscopy / live blood analysis and offer ozone / oxygen therapies.

Merrie Bakker

I was introduced to Reiki, Reflexology and Dowsing in the late 1990's. After exploring many methods of self-awareness training, taking a plethora of energy work, body/mind, alternative healing classes, I knew I had finally found, amongst these varied and often awesomely inspiring and wondrous modalities, the key elements that were integral to healing the way I wanted to integrate and present them.

Reiki, Reflexology and Dowsing were also the tools I could use to take responsibility for my own health. I saw Reiki, Reflexology and Dowsing as giving us all tangible tools, effective on all levels ~ environmentally, physically, emotionally and even spiritually. When the various forms of Reiki, Reflexology and Dowsing that I had studied and used had became as comfortable as an old sock, I wanted to pass them on to others to use and so I began teaching.