Dowsing for Personal Healing, Clearing, water and answering questions - Your Home and Yourself - Energetically

07/21/2019 10:00
07/21/2019 18:00

Learn the basics of the ancient skill of dowsing. Understand how to locate water, geopathic stresses, unwanted energies and improved health and personal space. This hands-on class will include the basics and how to ask the right questions. 

  • how to use your pendulums (and rods and bobbers) and intention for clearing - many layers
  • what kind of questions to ask, permission and protection
  • what to clear first and what follows in logical order
  • using your pendulum properly
  • how to use your dowsing rod correctly
  • about EMF's and geopathic stresses
  • yin and yang energetic forces in your personal environment
  • clearing negative thoughts, emotions, events, thought patterns
  • dealing with ley lines and grid lines
  • clearing disturbed emotional energies and protection
  • how to personally prepare yourself for doing the best and accurate work

Come and learn ~ it's theoretical and practical! next class is Sunday July 21st

Access your environemnt - help your health.
Your family, friends and clients will be very happy you took this course. Only $150. To register for this course please call, text or email.
(We accept e-transfer, cheques and credit cards thru Paypal.)

Each class is very small, so early registration is recommended.

Return privileges are available to folks who have taken this course before and who wish to repeat it - $75. 

Water and snacks provided.

Merrie Bakker

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