REIKI CLASSES, Reiki healing sessions, Energy Medicine Workshops in Vancouver BC with Reiki Master Merrie Bakker

REIKI Level One weekend certification class: April 6, 7. REIKI Level Two weekend certification class: April 13, 14; next REIKI practitioner Exchange: Sunday, April 14; next REIKI Master class starts at end of April - please call ir email for details.
All classes at Pacific Holistic Healing Centre in Vancouver at 2096 West 41st Avenue - #107

REFLEXOLOGY classes and healing sessions in Vancouver BC with reflexologist Merrie Bakker

Basic REFLEXOLOGY weekend certification classes: April 19, 20, 21 (Easter weekend); May 18, 19, 20 and June 29, 30 July 1 in Vancouver, BC. A truly potent, holistic, healing, soothing modality that anyone can learn. Reflexology is a centuries old method of very specific, non-invasive healing ~ safe for all ages and health challenges. From sore backs and sciatica to insomnia and incontinence; from stress and sports injuries to recouping from cancer and cancer therapy as well as cleansing / detoxing from this.

CLASSIC ARTICLES on ENERGY WORK and ENERGY Medicine; Peace; and Metaphysical Healing Modalities

Bruce Lipton - an overview:
The Paradigm Shift 
Biology of Belief
Biology of Transformation

The FULL LECTURE - the best all-encompassing explanation of how our bodies REALLY works - puts EVERYTHING into perspective - should be mandatory in all high schools - best at-home movie you can treat your family to! : 

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